Sunday, September 11, 2011

Editors Flash Fiction ENTRY #13

Count the Eyes and Divide by Two

He had survived SEAL training, four active war zones on 
three continents, a crazy ex-wife and a bad case of dysentery. 
His newest tattoo read “IRONMAN”.  He was sure he was 
Jumping out of a plane was no problem.  Usually.
Unfortunately, the pilot overshot the jungle drop site.
Realigning in mid-air, he took aim at a small watering hole 
with wide banks lined with dark logs.
Belatedly, he realized the logs were actually crocodiles, all 
focused on dinner dropping by parachute right in their midst.
Count the eyes and divide by two…
Should have brought more bullets.


M. L. Archer said...

Yup, should have brought another round...I vote for this one.

Mary Andrews said...

Love the title. Hope the guy's deadly fast swimmer.

yuliatrans said...

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