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Recap of all Flash Fiction entries

Below are all of our entries but you must leave a comment in the flash fiction entry post to be entered in our contest. Seek it out by looking for the # number in our archives.

Deadline to vote is September 17.

One editor along with one reader who happens to leave a comment in the winning entry's blog posting will both win $10.00US via Paypal.

Winners will be announced on September 18.


The Call

“Hello, Angel.” Seduction and primal energy, its gravelness causes my spine to shiver, my breath to quicken.
I walk to the edge of Mother Moon’s altar. “I didn’t see you.”
“You disappoint me.  Have you forgotten me so soon?”
“The rain is too fresh; you are hidden under its perfume.” Mother Moon casts away the shadows.
“I do not hide.” His hand twitches into a fist; he has never heard my words.
Mother Moon is here.  Her altar cries for me.
Muscles crack, groan and twist beneath my skin.
I smile as screams tear his throat.

Tomorrow Came
Rhimaon squatted on the filthy kilim, concentrating. Smashing the tiger skull against the ground, she worked the mandible loose. The witches’ dreadful curse still ringing in her ears, she intoned the age-old spell with a hypnotic tenderness that caressed the psyche; it would set her sister’s soul free from the Casket of Death on the tripod.  “Sheol, Hades, Gehenna...”  Her friend Mayra had been murdered for apostasy; blood still oozed profusely from the gash in her neck.  One infinitesimal second later, something impalpable, smelling of cinnamon, spewed out of the coffer...  It was my soul. Now I own Mayra’s body.

The Winner

The floor shuddered violently under my feet. Winds howled and lightening flashed as Atlantis slowly sank. Meeko tugged at my hand attempting to pull me through the doorway. "You said it was this way, Star."

I smiled and nodded. He let go and stepped over the threshold. The doors slid closed behind him, the precautionary measures dooming him and the others. I'd lied. The sad confusion in his dark eyes, I would haunt me forever. As would Gideon’s laughter ringing in my ears.  War had won the bet.

Goodbye, My Love

The man had died suddenly. The pastor’s heart broke for the wife. “I’m so sorry for your loss.”
The wife, dressed in black, dabbed at her eyes with the handkerchief clutched in her hand.
“If there’s anything you need…” The pastor looked around. No one else was in attendance. Did this young wife have no one?
“Thank you,” the wife whispered. After the pastor left, the widow turned back to the grave. She pulled a syringe from the handkerchief, dropping it into the hole where her husband would sleep for eternity and smiled. “Goodbye, my love.”

Ancient Battle

Sun and moon hesitated, time faltered in its march. The brilliant scythe of exquisite agony forged her being into a single block of molten courage. No thought of surrender existed. The alien within must be expelled, exorcised from dependence on her life force. Drawing breath, she clung to the nightmare horse of pain galloping toward the dĂ©nouement rising before them. A surging tide of pain lifted her and then…blessed surcease. The alien within vanquished, the absence a tiny wound on her psyche.
“It’s a baby girl,” a far off voice intruded on her peace.  


“After all these years, I never thought I’d find you. I was so young…”
And with a lifetime of catching up to do, they stopped into her waiting limousine.
Jason sipped his coffee, watching his companion.
A thought flashed through his head.
Isn’t the resemblance remarkable?
The M.E. looked from body to detective.
“This was violent. Angry. Face smashed and hands removed. It’s…”
“It’s as if someone wanted to remove the victim’s identity.”

Ghostly Upset

“It’s just a picture.”
“No, Harold, it’s a picture of your dead wife hanging over our bed. It’s…morbid.” Mary glanced up at the portrait.
Harold tucked himself in bed. “Okay, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”
Mary shook her head, leaned over, and closed the bedside lamp.
Comfortably snuggled in, she said, “Goodnight, Harold.”
“Goodnight, Susan.” 

Rhapsody by Moonlight

Soft night breezes caressed fevered flesh. She arched into him, feeling every grain of sand beneath her heated body. He swept her into his world with every stroke, until all she could see and feel was him.  His handsome face was silhouetted against the golden thumbnail  which hung just above the horizon.

“Take me with you,” she begged him . Again.

His lips silenced her words. Lips which promised the world.
But when the sun rose once more, she was alone, and he’d returned to the darkness which was his life.

Her lover—her vampire.


“Did you talk to Sara?” Janet slid into the seat across from Alex, and several other cafĂ© patrons looked in their direction.
Alex cringed. Bet they heard her in Paris. “Its over. She’s out of my life.”
“So, she’ll back off?”
He stared at his hands.
“You didn’t—”
“She said no.”
 “No?” Janet shrieked.
“Claimed she was pregnant. Let’s go somewhere…private.”
“Sara knew about me?”
He whispered, “She’d forgive me if I didn’t see you again.”
“And you—”
“I’m here, aren’t I?” Alex tugged the sleeve covering the scratches on his arm. “Wanna go for a drive?”


As the music drifted around, her thoughts quickstepped through the past. The first pink ballet shoes, painstakingly darned across the toe, the laced Highland leather shoes...Whatever happened to the swords she’d danced over so competently in childhood?
The satin high heels sashayed across the ballroom, the black barred suedes with their kitten heels swivelled through the salsa and the red flamenco shoes tapped the passionate longings of her soul.
Her feet flexed. In her heart, she danced again.
“She’s gone, poor soul.” The nurse tossed a pair of old misshapen slippers into the bin.  “It’s no life being bedridden.”

Dad’s Favorite Chair

Dad always yelled at me when I sat on his favorite chair. I sat there whenever I could get away with it and sometimes when I knew I wouldn’t.
 “No,” Sissy hounded. “You’ll get in trouble.”
I sank into the soft cushions. “I’m hungry,” I whined.
 “I’ll get you some food.” Sissy disappeared into the kitchen. A few minutes later, she called, “Come and get it.”
The chair was too comfortable, and I didn’t want to move.
Footsteps sounded. Dad yelled, “How many times have I told that dog to stop sitting on my chair? Go, scoot.”
Whoops. Caught. Again.

 A Night Out

“Renee, please feed her at six sharp.  And only one snack, but not anything chocolate or with caffeine. Bedtime’s at eight. Not a minute after.  If she doesn’t get her sleep, well, let’s just say even God even steps lightly around her. Here’s my cell number.  We’ll be at Max’s for dinner and then the theatre.”
“We’ll be fine, Mrs. Adams.”
“I can only hope.  Oh, dear. Here we go again. Come out of that closet right now and stop whining! I mean it. You best behave yourself for Renee. Don’t make me come in there. Mama!  You hear me?”
Count the Eyes and Divide by Two

He had survived SEAL training, four active war zones on three continents, a crazy ex-wife and a bad case of dysentery.  His newest tattoo read “IRONMAN”.  He was sure he was invincible.
Jumping out of a plane was no problem.  Usually.
Unfortunately, the pilot overshot the jungle drop site.
Realigning in mid-air, he took aim at a small watering hole with wide banks lined with dark logs.
Belatedly, he realized the logs were actually crocodiles, all focused on dinner dropping by parachute right in their midst.
Count the eyes and divide by two…
Should have brought more bullets.


Old Mrs. Barrett sat in her chair surrounded by memories.  Glancing at the photo of her dead husband, she whispered, “I know you’ll be back, Frank.  I’ll go and make our tea.”  Her daily ritual of putting out two cups with biscuits comforted her.
After making the tea, she settled back in the chair, and waited for Frank, who would never return. The tea grew cold.
She died that night.  When she was found by the police she wore a serene peaceful expression.
 On the table, the two full cups of tea which she had poured were now quite empty.

Speed Doubting

Your name?
How old are you Laney
What are you looking for?
The nearest exit.
A man.”
What are you looking for in a man?
An attractive, yummy morsel like yourself.  Who am I kidding? He wont be interested in me. God!  Why did I let her talk me into coming here?  Speed Dating is so dumb.  Stop Laney. You could be letting a good opportunity go here.  Look at him waiting for an answer to his question. Since I havent been on a date in forever... No, just take a deep breath and answer

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