Friday, October 7, 2011

The rescue attempt

BUTCH: Don't worry, Jinx, nothing is going to happen to Pops. I have a few of my friends coming to the rescue.


Cyrus Keith said...

I just got a phone call. Jimmy DeBartolo is rounding up "a team" to come to Pops' rescue. Not sure what he meant by that. But he also asked me if I knew where he could pick up a couple cases of "sixty-mike rounds." Is that bad for someone?

Bonella Sticks said...

BONELLA: ha...ha...ha...Unless Jimmy knows howta hit a moving target, his bullets mean squat, NADIA MAN. And puhlease....deer, lion, a freaking monkey...these animals have a map to TURN ME ON part-y? Me tinks no...

but, NADIA MAN...wanna come to the party? Dance a little? Live a little?...come on...move that body...luring enough?...give me a call and I'll give you our location...oh don't have my number...hahahahaha...

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