Friday, October 7, 2011


BONELLA: Hey, Pops...come closer...sounds you're a bit...disappointed...with Butch picking Jinx over you. There's a party with a few of...well...come closer and let their magic show you the way, my little friend.

POPS: Butch told me to stay away from you...b ut...I love music...seems to mesmerize me...yeah...coming closer...just...for...a...minute....................................................
JINX: NO, POPS...don't go in there!!!POPS!!!!!!!!BUTCH!!!! She's taking him home with her!!!! HELP...SOMEONE...PLEASE GET POPS BACK.



Viviane Brentanos said...

I know this is off-topic but, Bonella, do you think maybe some of your cantankerous behavior stems from bitterness? I mean - its gotta be tough not being pick by Michael to star in his Thriller video. You could have been a star. Instead of a mean old bag of bones.


Bonella Sticks said...

BONELLA:What's the matter, TOOTS, forget how to move that body of yours? Don't know how to TURN ME ON? EH? Pops need a little lovin' from the DARK SIDE cos you humans are nothin' but shivering meat, some hanging more loosely than others. So get lost, will ya, unless you want to enter my party.

Bruce Jenvey said...

Be careful, Bonella, remember what my Cabbottown Witch friends did to that Poor Mr. Ajax... but you'd look good in blue!

Wendy said...

Bonella, Excuse me for mentioning it but ..moving the body..where is yours? It's one think to be all pelvis and swivel hips, but its a fully covered body Pops is looking for to dance with, surely. Just saying... don't mean to rattle any bones.

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