Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to our October Blog Fest...NOT!

BONELLA: It’s Creepy first of the month and by hellschance it happens to be MuseItUp Publishing’s one year anniversary. And they trusted ME to host once again this year…
JINX: Actually, fair lady…
POPS: Fair lady? Listen, Shorty, that’s no fair lady there…that’s one dead and ugly looking bag of skeletons with a moving part for a mouth.
BONELLA: Why you sorry looking animals…ARGHHHH 
JINX: Oh my, I don’t think Butch is going to be too happy…
POPS: What? Now she can’t mouth out…get it? 
HAHAHA…hahah…h-h-he’s behind me, isn’t he.
BUTCH: Give. Her. Back. Her. Mouth.
  POPS: But…but…AEEEIIIIiiiii
JINX: Woah, Butch, that was so cool. Didn’t think squirrels can fly that high.
BUTCH: Apologies to MuseItUp Publishing and your readers. My name is Butch, and, well, Pops and Jinx are my co-hosts for this year’s October blog fest. My apologies to Bonella for any discomfort–
BONELLA: What the hell do you mean HOSTS? Get out of my way you furry spine…
BUTCH: Don’t mistake my politeness, Bonella, or else next time more than your chattering teeth will disappear. You will host the interviews, and we will host the blog.
BONELLA: LEA…..YOU’RE DEAD MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JINX: cry baby…


gail roughton branan said...

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Com'on Bonella, give us your best shot, darlin'!

Roseanne Dowell said...

Oh this is going to be even more fun than just with Bonella. Welcome, Butch, Jinx, and Pops.

Anne E. Johnson said...

Well, well, well. This promises to be creepy.

Lin said...

Anyone notice the flaky cloud that wafts off of Bonella when she's in a snit or any other time too? I begin to understand her gawdawful hat...Bonella do you suffer from over-all dandruff? I know you're beyond needing moisturizing cream...gotta have skin for that stuff to work, but dandruff?

Lea, she's beyond HEAD AND SHOULDERS, but surely there's something out there that will help Bonella control the over-all white stuff sloughing from her. (Head and Shoulder, and Toe Joints, Knee Caverns)...or Pledge...a good Pledge workout?

Bet she'd be a bit less...cantankerous if she could wear fashionable black without having to worry about her "condition" so blatantly leaving a trail of Bonella flakes behind her

Can you imagine Angelina's reaction if HER trademark black was marred by flaky buildup?

Poor Bonella.

Heather Haven said...

Bonella sweetie, I see you didn't get the new hat I sent you, something a little more suited to your...ah..slender neck. I'm thinking a French Beret, red in color, is just the ticket to bring out shades of your..ah...bones. Read some of the other comments, my dear, so have included a bottle of Head and Shoulders. Ta ta for now!

Cellophane Queen said...

Bonella! Good to see ya, babe. Where do you hang, er, bury yourself all year?

Michael Patriate said...

Hey Bonella! I've missed the barb-filled rants you fling about in an attempt to cover up what a sweetheart you are.

Slip on over the 15th century and we'll have some coffee together. Be sure and bring it, though because we don't have any yet.

Best regards,

Cyrus Keith said...

I think coffee would go right through the poor lass.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Actually, Lin. I don't think it's dandruff. Her bones are turning to dust. In a few years that's all that's going to be left of the ornery cuss.

Unknown said...

Um...this reminds me of my family reunions. Not that that's a bad thing, just interesting and...exciting? *laugh* I'm looking forward to the festivities.

Unknown said...

What a coincidence Bonella. You're getting a new hat and I'm sending you a matching red dress. Yes, you will look excellent in red. I got a special price on it and it is ageless you can wear it forever. Target has an excellent selection of clothes for all types of, um, beings. The one I'm sending to you will be just perfect with Target's logo. You know, the red and white with the big bulls-eye in the middle?

Hi Butch. *winks*

Sue Perkins said...

I have to admit Bonella last year was what drew me to MuseItUp. So funny and different from the usual publishers blogs. You go for it Bonella, rattle dem bones.

J.Q. Rose said...

Stepping in here to say hi to Bonella, you sweet heart. I believe a fashionista like you should be wearing black. It brings out your black eye holes. Really warms up your, not that you need warming up, dear. Have a delightful month here.

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