Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dark Fantasy...From My Past To My Future

Before I get to today's post I must apologize for my mistake. For some reason I thought January 14 was my day to post on the Muse blog. It wasn't, today is so I apologize for that mishap. I had all intention to post my second book excerpt today but I posted it on the 14th. That's all right, there is always a plan B so let's move on to that. What is plan B? I don't know, this is the third time I've attempted to write this post. Maybe the third time is the charm.

What would I bring you today? What morsel of information can I share with all of you that could, some how, cause you to think or even smile but for a moment? I have no idea. Perhaps by the end of this post something will shine like the sun. We shall find out together. If you browse through the earlier posts on this blog you will see that the theme for this week is Dark Fiction (or in my case Dark Fantasy). Why do I write Dark fantasy?

When you think of Dark Fantasy what comes to mind? Monsters, ghosts, ghouls, creatures, and things that go bump in the night? Vampires, werewolves, and witches? Freddy, Jason, or Micheal? All of these belong in Dark Fantasy. I suppose you could say the themes or ideas for Dark Fantasies have always been with me. I remember being scared of the dark so my two older brother turned off all the lights in the house and made me walk down the hall to the bathroom and back again. If I didn't they promised to give me a pretty good beating. Yea, it was the older brother style of tough love. I remember walking slowly down the hall pass each open doorway just knowing something was going to jump out and grab me. The silence was worse than any noise. All I heard was the crinkling of the plastic runner along the floor I was walking on. I made it to the bathroom and back again. It was a triumphant night because I was never scared of the dark again.

Horror movies are different though. I could not watch them as a child. If I did, the nightmares were relentless. Yes, it is a funny world we live in. I can now write Dark Fantasy novels but never could watch horror movies...go figure. Anyway, I'm a child of the 80's and with that came another avenue that impacted my writing and stories. Movies like Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Monster Squad, Goonies, and Fright Night really built the foundation for my interests in the realm of Dark Fantasy. I mean who can forget this line - "Wolfmen have nards!" If you have not seen Monster Squad you need to. That line is a whole lot funnier if you've seen the movie. It was these movies that started my friends and I talking about monster. If you remember, in a previous interview I talked about reading a lot of comics. These movies were before that time and actually pushed me to comic books. Yes as I grew older I began watching actual horror movies which turned the small flame of interest to a roaring fire. I watched everything that had to do with vampires and werewolves. I wasn't a big fan of zombies until The Walking Dead aired on AMC.

You might have noticed I've talked about movies a great deal in this posts. I know, this is supposed to be about books. To be honest, I did not start ready until I was much older. The scariest work I actually read was the works of Edger Allen Poe. Yes, he wrote some good ones. Movies, comics, books, and life experiences all played a role in me writing Dark Fantasy. I believe the big difference between Horror and Dark Fantasy is that in Dark Fantasy you have more freedom to include elements of mystery, adventure, and even romance all  on the backdrop of darkness and malice. That is very intriguing and inviting to me. Dark Fantasy has a rawness to it that makes it all right not to have a happy ending...or at least a sun shining, everyone happy and alive type ending.

I never had any intention to write Dark Fantasy. I've said that before and most likely will say it again. But I felt compelled to do it. I looked around and saw what vampires had become in books and movies and knew that an attempt needed to be made to bring vampires back to their history. They needed to be re-established as the dark creature of the night that brutally did as they wished and took what they wanted. The intelligent, cunning monster that struck fear in the world for generations. From that thinking came The Blood Chronicles Series. This vampire is smart, regal, cunning, brutal, and deadly.

What does the future hold for SB Knight? What do I have in store for you? I plan to finish The Blood Chronicles Series. The novel I'm writing now has a dreadful creature in it, a man on the run and some unexpected plot twists. I have ideas and notes prepared for a new werewolf story that will be unique. I also have plans for a zombie story that I can promise you has never been done before. It's been close but I'm sure this will be original. I'm also working on the concept of a new trilogy. Here is a little hint about that one, the setting is mostly Purgatory and it has a guardian angel in it. Oh and the main character is a teen aged boy who can actually see his guardian angel. I can't tell you how he can...that would be giving away to much. Oh, one more hint, you would think the villain would be a demon....you would be wrong. Finally, there is a story in the works about teapots. As you can see, I plan on writing for a long time.

If you want to read more about my debut novel, check out book trailers and join my fanpage you can by clicking HERE.


Unknown said...

I have read your debut novel, Sir Knight and it is fan-freakin-tabulous. Great excerpt and don't worry about the slip-up. Just shows how busy you are and that's always a good thing. (pssst - I think you're going to get busier hehehe).

Great post and love ya!

Anonymous said...

Lady Romance - If I get any busier I will need to clone myself. But I welcome the challenge. Your comments helped me a great deal with my editing of the sequel. For that I am forever grateful.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Dark Fantasy is not really my thing, but every once in a while I do indulge. Your series looks fascinating and one day I will have to...indulge.

If you ever figure out how to make a clone, please let us all know.

Pat McDermott said...

You sure do draw on a wealth of inspiration for your writing, Brian, and all great stuff. Poe is a fabulous mentor for Dark Fantasy, and it's hard to top Indiana Jones for adventure. May you need two clones.

Anonymous said...

Lorrie - It would be an honor to have you indulge with my stories. That, to me, would be great.

If I figure out how to clone I will have the other me email you.

Pat - I'm not sure I could handle 2 more of me so hopefully just 1 clone will do it. Yes, there is a wealth of inspiration out there and I enjoy drawing on all of it for my stories.

J.Q. Rose said...

Oh Brian, your head is filled with wonderful stories. I enjoyed reading your future plans for books. How do you keep them all organized, or do you?? Hey, Best Wishes. You have a bright future.

Anonymous said...

JQ - Thank you. As for my story ideas, I have a black book that I write all my ideas in. I include notes and possible character ideas and names. When I'm ready to write that story I go back and read what I wrote down as a launching point. I have a working title for each story idea and I write that at the top of each page that deals with that story.

Jerome Samson said...

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