Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Reporter, I am L.J. Holmes

Dear Reporter,

I began weaving stories in my mind when I was a kid. I'd trundle down the back yard...we had a BIG back yard, with my best friend, Heidi, the German Shepherd I raised from six weeks.

She'd stretch out beneath me, her warm body scented with familiarity and unconditional love, becoming my pillow, and I'd tell her stories about the clouds floating by above us. The clouds are alive with characters and scenic visions.

It was so much easier back then to be a storyteller. I had no responsibilities to pull me from my progressing tapestries until Heidi and I were ready to cool off by jumping into the swimming pool for some playful water time.

Today I find life gets in the way. I'm a primary role in life and one I would not give up ever, but I'm also a citizen of the world around me. Sometimes its hard to stay focused when health challenges me and my daughter Kat Holmes, herself a Muse It Up author. She lives with me (I am so lucky) but suffers from uncontrolled seizures along with many other spirit programmed health obstacles.

I think it helps I shut down my inner voice, except for brief excursions to amuse those around me, for well over ten years. Now that I have unlocked that voice, (nicknamed Nudge...since she nudges me quite a lot,) she has so much to say, and no obstacle is going to get in her way for very long.

Still, this is the real world and obstacles, like the dark stuff, happens. I just celebrated my sixtieth birthday. The body takes consistent pleasure in letting me know it has passed that double-over-the-hill mark, but the mind?...I still see myself as that young girl, my head nestled atop Heidi's warm, pleasingly scented body, spinning tales from my metaphoric clouds plassing by.

I see myself as the young mother I was when Kat was a toddler, and I possessed not one single wrinkle. I'm not her, but everything I write somehow takes me back to her and how she would have reacted, had she been confronted with the dilemmas I place her in.

Still, cannot escape the, Dear Reporter, I accept there will be periods when the body requires me, like it or not, to crash for 36 to 48 hours. I accept there will be days when the hands are too swollen to flex enough to make my keyboard sing, but on the other days, I will let Nudge have free reign.

In the end I have thirteen stories contracted so far, ten of them released since 12/1/2010...

1. Santa is a Lady 12/2010
2. Forever With You 2/2011
3. The Pendulum Swings 3/2011
4. Twilight Comes 5/2011
5. In From The Cold 6/2011
6. This Time Forever 8/2011
7. Beyond Yesterday 9/2011
8. Suc-U 10/2011
9. Champagne Afternoon 11/2011
10. The Christmas War 12/2011
...and three scheduled for 2012
1. She's Gone 2/2012
2. Echoes From The Past 4/2012
3. Life's Journey 6/2012

One contracted I co-wrote with my daughter...Her Last Day is due out 4/2013

Five manuscripts are in the pipeline waiting for contracts...and two more are about to join them.

I have twelve blogs that somehow I manage to keep posting to on a very regular basis, and of course, these Muse Blogs too...

SOOOO, Dear Reporter, although it bothers me when the body shows my advancing age and weaknesses, Nudge is my inspiration and she has a LOT to say and loves saying it through Muse because it a-MUSE-s her.

She says, "Muse is what I am, and Muse is where I am? How can it ever get better?"

Gotta love a wise Nudge!


Unknown said...

Oh how I know how the energy wanes as we get older and life is so full of surprises.

Aches, pains, our health problems and caretaking for others.

Take it one day at a time.

I honestly don't know how you keep all those blogs going and write too.

May this new year bless you with health and energy.

gail roughton branan said...

We're all grateful Nudge gets keep you busy, darlin'! And I agree -- I've written since I was in my thirties, even if it was only in head for long spells of times, but now as I write from the years past of experience, I think, "What would I know to write about were I any younger?"

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

I think we would be missing something without your Nudge!!! I love your writing and your blogs. Thank you for bringing your gift to us!!

I was brought here by your post and you asked for help. To keep me alerted for things I use my calendar alerts.When I schedule anything I put an alert there. On the day before I see the alert and again hours before it will happen. It works!

Lin said...

Alas, I don't know how to schedule such things. I am proud I have figured out as much as I have, but I know there is much I don't get....just as there is much I could probably do at MS Word. I am so challenged I actually fried my editor's Track Changing capabilities the first time we did edits. I'm surprised she didn't hang garlic around my edits after that

Jerome Samson said...

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