Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Report

Dear Reporter,
I’ve pondered your question for a while. How did I become a writer and what obstacles lay in my path on the road to being published?
In 2007 I worked in the mortgage industry. Along with many others I lost my job. During the next three years I was unable to find work. The stress of the situation along with economic conditions brought on early heart problems. I had quadruple by-pass heart surgery. Six months later three of the four by-passes failed and once again I was hospitalized. The doctors performed angioplasty surgery, opening the failed by-passes with three stents.
My writing got me through the recovery period both times. Though I’ve written all my life I decided to pursue writing full-time during the recovery period. I’ve written three novels and several short stories in this time frame. Loving my stories I confidently, sent them out for publication. After many rejections, a kind editor gave me some insight to why the manuscript was rejected. I took hers words of wisdom and started taking seminars and classes to learn to perfect my craft. I also joined professional writing organizations, networked with other writers and learned from some of the best writers out there today. The learning process is never ending and it’s one of the parts of writing I love.
I now write full-time and was recently graced with a contract from MuseItUp Publishing for my book, If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery, book one. It will be released in September of 2012. Book two, Burn in Hell was completed in November of 2011 and just this week I’ve been offered a contract from MuseItUp Publishing. Burn in Hell, A Jake Carrington Mystery will be released in January 2013.
Though I’m busy editing at this time, I make sure to write something new each day. The difference with this career over my many others, office manager, accountant, mortgage broker—I love what I’m doing now. It seems all the surgeries worked because I’m feeling brand new. Each day I work-out, write and enjoy the life I’ve carved out for myself and my writing.

Marian Lanouette


Rebecca Zanetti said...

Congratulations on your sales and for finding a career you love! :)

LKF said...

I loved your story and I'm glad your health is better. I work for a cardiologist and know the healing process you have had to get through. Congrats on your success and I also hope to take your path someday to write full time.
Great post.

Marian Lanouette said...

Thank you, Rebecca, it really is awesome.

Marian Lanouette said...

Hi, Lynda. My recovery was made easy by the great care I receive from husband, sisters, friends and nieces and nephews. It's great coming from a large family. I never expected to go through it so early in life. On your writing, I say hang in there if you want it to happen it will. Good Luck, Marian

PJ Sharon said...

I had no idea, Marian. That's a very inspiring story. I'm so happy you've found your way to your passion. Good luck with your writing career!

Marian Lanouette said...

Thanks, PJ and loved your books, Heaven is for Heroes and On Thin Ice. I'm anxiously awaiting your next one. Marian

cleemckenzie said...

Finding what you love to do is wonderful. Congratulations on your book. Keep us posted on how all goes for you at MuseItUp.

I look forward to your tag post, too. Enjoy!

Marian Lanouette said...

Thank you, Clee, will do. And thanks for stopping by today.