Monday, February 20, 2012

A Noble Place released!

Okay, blatant self-promotion here. You've been warned! Read with caution, you really might want to buy this book at the end of this post!
Now, A Noble Place in a nutshell:

Pippa, strong, determined is eager to make her mark on the world, and is the right kind of woman for a pioneer country. Should have been born a boy. Still, she will have the best horse stud in the land even if she does wear skirts. 
Her father is weak, her mother self-centred, her sister timid. Pippa like most strong women has to forge ahead by herself to attain her dreams. Along the way she meets new people, including the gorgeous Gil. He wants her, of course, who wouldn't? But Pippa is still suffering a broken heart from the handsome Grant and sees Gil as a dear friend and nothing more.
Throw into the mix a troublesome groom, (who doesn't know his place), a bushfire, death, a gold rush, kidnap, and another good-looking, but tortured man called, Marshall, and you have a smashing tale of one woman fighting the odds in a man's world, of her finding out what is important, and finally realising which man she really loves!
I can't tell you the ending, naturally, I need you all to go out and buy the book, because I need to buy stuff like chocolate and, well, wine, and more chocolate, etc, etc. So shoo, go buy, hurry! It all depends on you whether I buy cheap wine or the good stuff....
Here's the link to Amazon Kindle, but you can get it in other formats where you normally buy from like the MuseIt Up bookstore, etc, you're all clever people you'll work it out!


Mindy Hardwick said...

Gorgeous cover! This sounds like a great read! I love Pioneer stories and the strength of Pippa's character sounds intriguing!

Anita Davison said...

I can thoroughly recommend this story of Anne's, she is a master of the historical saga and you will be captured from the first page.