Thursday, March 15, 2012

Being A Science Fiction Writer

While I know there are some purists out there who would see me as in interloper in the science fiction genre because I write erotic romance as part of the equation. I wish I could say that it doesn't bother me, but snobbery always does, so what can I say, I bruise like banana lol. But here's the reality, I love writing erotic romance. And while I'll admit where I've done the looking down in the past I had the excuse of young and stupid. Here's to hoping those who read this won't have to look down on their fellow writers anymore.

I write about relationships between the humans and aliens and their offspring. And while I don't address the technological side of science fiction very often, I feel like the humanity in science fiction and emotion is a big part of what I bring to the game. It is just as hard sometimes to create the heroes and heroines where you are thinking, what would the cultural differences be? How would a human relate to a half-breed? Would the aliens arrival been friendly?

All of this goes into being a sci-fi writer and while some might be more interested in say what gadget works, and that takes all host of different interests and talents and I'm sure they will be covered here on the Muse blog. But what I specialize in is the emotion. I like for my readers to feel what I am and that is of my characters falling in love. To risk everything for that love. And sometimes the world's future is at stake. Those are the kinds of stories I like to tell when penning a sci-fi erotic romance and I hope you enjoy reading my Kate Lynd titles, my first one, No Ordinary Love tells the tale of two lovers reuniting in a time of war. One is human, the other a half-breed. Check it out in the MuseItUp bookstore.

Until next time happy scribbles.


Unknown said...

Sounds intense. I like sci-fi and a solid story behind the erotica. And it looks like you have it all in your book.

Good luck with the sales.

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy...having read your book I can of both worlds, erotica and sci-fi. I love both and I got it delivered in your work. Congrats girl!

Rochelle Weber Author said...

I can't wait for more of Kate's story. You certainly know how to end on a cliff-hanger!

My own take on sci-fi romance will be on here Monday, and yes--I've had a similar reaction from the sci-fi community. But I'll save that for Monday.