Monday, March 26, 2012


Fantasy is the topic, and my daughter Kat Holmes is the author, but I, L.J. Holmes, her Mom popped in to pinch hit for her, so please do not blame her for any of the mistakes I am bound to make.

Before I continue, please let me explain the need for me to pinch-hit. Kat is dealing with her second kidney stone jaggedly and very painfully working its way through her body. Sitting still and concentrating when you are in that much pain would require more of a miracle than OTC Tylenol can manage, so here I am typing in Kat's posting because she does not like letting others down unless it truly cannot be excepted. For me, I look at her this way...if she's got to go through this much pain to pass a rock why couldn't it be made of least then all her work and agony would not be for some alien piece of bloody junk.

But I am ranting and I promised her I would behave... on to the topic...WHAT DOES KAT LIKE ABOUT WRITING FANTASY AND WHY DOES SHE WRITE IT?

Writing fantasy gives me the power to create my own worlds, my own people, back drops rules, time frames, challenges. In my first Artica Lights Series,

FROZEN, I created the thriving frozen land of

 Artica existing on a parallel plane but in a medieval time frame. No phones, no Reality TV stars, no ozone depleting automobiles.

I created a land of perpetual winter, were the people thrived, thanks to their god Tichi and his human-goddess daughter, their queen Awni, miracles happened.

I loved creating this living world of ice, snow, and dramatic wind carved creations, I adored creating Awni, beautiful, impervious to the cold, but her touch so frigidly bitter to the others, her sentence for acts against Artica is a touch from her and instant death.

I loved bringing Tichi, this god standing at his easel deftly creating the palette his Artica becomes.

Writing such worlds lets me choose how Tichi will paint upon his easel and how the citizenry of Artica will respond to what he paints. is not real...maybe...until my words are formed on paper, or computerese. Awni, Tichi, Elric, Brent now live in a place of perpetual snow, ice, and intrigue.

Developing new cultures of people based on my hopes, desires, wishes, loves, and purpose, brings my fantasies to life most vividly, and, this is probably the part most authors aren't going to admit, but being L.J.'s daughter, means I'm not like most authors...I have her Grandmother Nonnie, in my blood, and she was QUITE the storyteller.

Writing fantasies allows me to be Awni, the Ice Queen, Rachel, the brand new owner of a lighthouse, Hera, Queen of all the Greek Goddesses now living a very human existence here on Earth as nothing more elaborate than a midwife. Hey, I can even be Poseidon without having a sex change.

Writing fantasy lets me be everyone of my heroes and heroines and give them the stories I would wanted to live. How cool is that?


Rosalie Skinner said...

Lovely post Kat, Lin. Your combined effort gives us a great insight into the driving passion behind your writing Kat. Great illustrations and glimpse into an amazing imagination.

Wendy said...

Very cool, indeed! I love the idea of the ice touch that kills and a god creating his world at the easel. Yes, with a vivid imagination such as yours Kat, you truly can be anyone of your heroes or heroines you want to be, which is most fortunate for your satisfied readers. :)