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A Paranormal Interlude...Talking to Tallowbrand...

Hi, my name is Rosalie Skinner.  On 16th March Book Four in the Chronicles of Caleath was released!

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WELCOME... Now, please allow me to introduce our guest, the shade of the dread lord Tallowbrand...
 My name is Tallowbrand. Many years ago, too many for mortals to count, I inspired dread with my wizardly powers.

These were curtailed by one of my acolytes, Azriel. The she devil tricked me.

Now I am trapped within Dragonslair Island, waiting for the Deathbringer to free me.

Being trapped for a millenia gives me time to chat. So, settle back, what can I tell you about?

Ahh, the Chronicles of Caleath... A mix of science fiction and fantasy, dragons, shapechangers, magic,  swords, tallships, starships, and swashbuckling adventure.

I beg your pardon... you would like to meet a few of the characters?

Very well.. don't say I didn't warn you.

You have already met Caleath, surely. He's on the covers of the books. Don't get me started. He already has enough of a fan club.

Where's mine? I could tell you more interesting tales... I have been around far longer and through darker times... Let me tell you about the time I...

What? Merkaat, greatest of all dragons, what are you implying? Tsk tsk... of course these good people want to hear about my life. Why wouldn't they?

You? What are you suggesting? 
Since you are able to make my life most unpleasant, I will aquiese to your suggestion.

Merkaat, now the magificent creature you see depicted in these feeble sketches, once faced my nemesis Azriel too. The dragon, then only a hatchling, was cruelly blinded by the witch. 

Azriel's lust for power drove her to  betray her mentor.  Me.
Frustrated by my refusal to succumb to her beauty, passion, and talent, when she realised her magic could not  entrap me she turned to a more potent source.

 While humans and mages expended all their energies battling dragons,  the devious sorceress searched for a means to trap me. 

She discovered a means to use the curse of dragon's blood. Should an unsuspecting human have the vile stuff come into contact with their flesh, the victim is consumed by a lethal lust for dragon's gold. Unless protected by Lathraine's Pledge of course. 

Sadly the ring wasn't in my posession.

Azriel used the blood shed when Merkaat lost her eyes for the dastardly purpose of ruining me. After battling and defeating the dragon lord Sharyac in those dragon wars, I succumbed to her evil scheme.

 Hence I became the long term resident of Dragonlair Island. I have lived in more comfortable places. Let me assure you. Still...as spectral locations go...it could be worse.

Hmm. No.. I can feel my tongue turning black. I yearn for my freedom.

Even the shades of deceased dread lords have pride. 
Being cooped up here among the brimestone, gold and dragon sorcery is torture. 
After a thousand wretched years I made a  plea to the local diety, the One. I swore to serve the Deathbringer, if one would come and free me from this accursed prison.

Too often heroes arrive, only to fall prey to the dragon lord's warped magic, their accursed gold or their displays of power. I cannot give up hope. One day he will arrive and I will enjoy a new lease on freedom.

The Deathbringer can't get here soon enough for me.

 If you share Tallowbrand's impatience, don't despair. You can find out how he fares in the Chronicles of Caleath. 
Book Four is available on March 16th from Museitup Publishing. If you haven't yet enjoyed the previous books, visit Rosalieskinner.com

Thanks for dropping in.  

Look for Books Five through to Eight.. the new adventures...coming very soon From Museitup Publishing...  

PHOTOS Courtesy of FOTOLIA.COM and all photos from the EXILED photoshoot are copyright to RACHEL LEWIS PHOTOGRAPHY. Thanks to Matt Bryant for becoming Caleath. :)

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