Friday, March 30, 2012

Poltergeist Hauntings

In my post on March 28th, I mentioned how I believe in the poltergeist phenomenon. Here's some ghost stories to go with that.

-One of the most spectacular poltergeist hauntings took place in Enfield, north London in August 1977. Peggy Hodgson and her four children had just moved into their new home. Strange things began to happen - beds shook, furniture moved by itself and loud knockings were heard.The activity seemed to be centred around Janet Hodgson, then aged eleven. Her mother of course, thought that Janet was playing pranks. However, things began to get worse and it soon became evident that none of the children, or anybody else for that matter, could be responsible for the strange events that were beginning to unfold.

Toys and ornaments flew through the air, beds levitated, heavy furniture moved, objects became hot to touch. Many people, including police officers, witnessed this bizarre activity. A journalist was hit on the head with a frying pan, wielded by an invisible hand. Janet Hodgson was even flung across her bedroom by some unknown energy. Eventually this poltergeist gradually calmed down and left the poor Hodgson family in peace.

-The most recent case is the South Shields poltergeist which looks set to become one of the most famous hauntings ever. This particular poltergeist is in a different league to a relatively harmless stone thrower.Some truly terrifying events happened to a young family living in an ordinary house in the small town of South Shields. Apart from the usual loud knocks and flying objects, this poltergeist liked to arrange children's toys in sinister displays of violence. A fluffy rabbit was poised holding a knife to the throat of a toy duck. A teddy bear was hanged by its neck from a shelf.The young couple received obscene text messages from phones that were not in working order. Other messages were scrawled on a child's doodle board. One said 'just go now'; another message introduced their tormentor as 'Sammy'. The couple were physically attacked, large red scratches appearing on their bodies.Their three year old son would suddenly disappear, only to be found seconds later locked in a closet, tightly bound in a blanket. Again, this activity died down, without any explanation found.

Don't these stories give you a delicious chill down your spine? Makes me want to write some ghost stories of my own!

Trials of a Lonely Specter
MuseItUp Publishing
October 14, 2011

There’s been an accident. Quinn believes he’s dead, though Liam insists otherwise. But if that is the case, why does Quinn see the two of them as ghosts? And why does Liam play along? Exposed to Mediums and apparitions, Quinn has to make a decision: either accept his fate or risk everything to trust Liam one more time.

Dianne Hartsock


Wendy said...

A chill, sure. Not a 'delicious' one though. I'll leave the telling of
ghostly things in your capable hands Dianne. I could visualize the
people in those stories. Why is it that the toys gave me the sreeps
more than the people? I can't explain it.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Dianne, These do send a tingle down my spine. Like Wendy I find the use of children's toys and involving a child, quite disturbing. I can't imagine staying in a place where the ghostly inhabitant is unfriendly.

Trials of a Lonely Specter is a great read. Your ghostly characters intrigue as well as entertain. Quinn's dilemma and Liam's devotion make a great story.

Unknown said...

I love the paranormal! I think it's fascinating. That is why I am writing an erotic romance that follows a paranormal investigator and ex-priest as they battle daemons possessions and accept each other’s love.