Friday, July 27, 2012

Concilium Excerpt


Today I have butterflies the size of Montana flying in my stomach. My hands are shaking and my nerves are taut, one little thing and they're gonna zing.  Why? Because today is my debut novel's release day. Concilium is officially published! Something that is both exciting and scary all at once. Exciting because I've worked toward this for years and scary because my baby is out in the world for people to see—and judge.
Concilium is an Urban Fantasy with a big dose of romance and little touch of horror.  But rather than tell you what the book is about, I'm going to give you a small glimpse at one of my favorite scenes.  Leslee is for the first time realizing that she may not survive the obstacle facing her:
The rain made dusk fall earlier. I watched as the team grabbed their equipment. I knew they weren't as confident as they wanted me to believe. They expected a bad night.

“I want a gun.”

Miller looked at me and nodded. “It’s there in the hall. I want you to stay there. With the front windows covered and the bedroom doors closed, they won’t be able to see you. Stay on the floor. Here, put this in your pocket.” He handed me his car key. “If anything happens, Leslee, if any window breaks, if any of us tells you to go, get in the car and drive to the lake. Don’t think. Don’t ask questions. Just go. One of us will be there to get you as soon as it’s safe.”

“And if you aren't?” I asked.

“We will,” he said, his eyes intense. “We will,” he repeated emphatically.

“Okay.” I tried to manage a smile, tried to look as self-assured as he seemed. I couldn’t.

“Les, if you need to use the gun, shoot them in the neck. Right here where a man’s Adam’s apple is. Don’t waste a shot on the head or anywhere on the body. Just aim for the throat.”
“Okay. Why?”

“Their bodies aren’t built like ours. Their brains and spinal columns are in slightly different spots because of their, um, different look,” Brooks said, looking at Miller. “The throat is the kill shot. Like a shot to the back of the head would be for a human.”

“Okay, the throat,” I said, my voice wavering. My hands were already shaking. I prayed I could aim the gun if the time came. I hoped I’d be able to control my fear if I had to face one of the Imbibo alone.

One by one, the guys hugged me before they left, the same way they had every night at my house. Why did it feel so different? Why was I more worried than before? I didn’t have any answers, but the air felt ominous, the house felt threatening, and a thought slammed into me.

I could die here.

If you enjoyed the excerpt and would like to read more, Concilium is available today through Muse's bookstore or other online retailers.

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Rosalie Skinner said...

Michelle, Sounds spine tingling and intense. Glad the Imbibo didn't turn up at the blog book launch.
Enjoy the butterflies and the excitement of your first release! Congratulations. May your books never go out of print!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Congratulations, Michelle! Happy marketing.