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Excerpts From Sci-Fi Thriller ENTITY
By Joanne Elder

Here are a couple of teaser excerpts from Science Fiction Thriller ENTITY to be released on July 20th with MuseItUp Publishing. Entity is the sequel to Spectra, but can stand alone. Spectra was rated Top Pick by RT Book Reviews Magazine.
Both excerpts are from the point of view of the villain, Sam, a particularly disturbing character. Sam’s morality has been consumed by the entity as a result of continued exposure, leaving him thirsting for vengeance. I chose excerpts from the point of view of Sam as the strength of the character makes for a powerful and creepy read. Enjoy!

Excerpt One -

Sam asked his cochlear implant the time.
“Six-twenty p.m.,” the mono-toned voice said.
To ensure his train of thought would not be interrupted, he blurted out a “do not disturb” command.
He pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of the back pocket of his overalls. It had a simple mathematical calculation on it in addition to measurements of his left and right leg inseams. He determined that his right leg was exactly 3.4 percent shorter than his left. Now he had to measure Nice Rack’s inseam. It came to thirty-two slender inches. His head buzzed with the quick calculation. If her right leg was 3.4 percent shorter than her left one, the inseam would be 32.9 inches for a difference in length of 1.1 inches or 2.8 centimeters.
Sam knelt and removed the shoe and sock from Nice Rack’s right leg. Her raindrop-polished toes looked like tulips in the sand, and for a moment the little piggy nursery rhyme played through Sam’s head, “…And this little piggy ran all the way home.
He rolled the leg of her Rawlen Borg designers to the knee. Her chest continued to heave upward, and her groans were becoming intoxicating. He felt some movement in his pants; but that was not what this was about, and any action would belittle his message. He indulged in a smooth stroke of her leg and watched as his hand rose across her athletic calf muscle. The beginning of her five o’clock shadow tickled his skin. He smelled his hand—fruity. Yet another smell would become engrained in his psyche and with it…a memory.
He picked up his measuring tape, measured 2.8 centimeters from the heel of her foot, and marked the point off with a sharpie. Being a man of precision, he repeated the measurement in a couple other locations and dotted a neat circle around the circumference of her ankle.
When it was complete, a surge of emotion overcame him, forcing him to sit back and wait for that light-headed, giddy feeling to pass through. The drum roll in his neck made his head feel like it was about to explode. He’d endured his entire youth bathing in a psychological cesspool, and now it was time to rise up and pass judgment. The other Sam would never have ravaged over such things. He was weak and forgiving. A fool.
Righteousness yields power. A power that is divine over all others. Sam’s mother was a religious person and tried to raise him to be the same. He never bought into her nonsense despite her readings from the bible, until now—until he felt Its unyielding power. One particular passage came to mind, blanketing him with composure as he flicked the small switch on the laser saw. He started chanting as he lined up the beam as brilliant as an angel’s halo with the dotted marking, “And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life lame, rather than having two feet, to be cast into hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched.” With that Sam took the saw with both hands and executed a clean cut, removing Nice Rack’s right foot.
Her full moon eyes changed to blood moons, the kind wolves howl at. The Day of Reckoning has arrived! When he touched the foot, it was warm—hot in fact. The edge of the cut swelled and sizzled as it cauterized. The smell was bittersweet, a timeless fragrance. His hands shook, and when he tried to move the foot out of the way, he found it hung on by some stubborn tissue at the back of the ankle. The job had to be complete for the message to be clear, and he grabbed for his pocketknife. He pulled the foot away from the leg with his left hand and then made a surgeon’s incision with his right and declared victory. Blood streaked the silver blade. His lips hardly moved, but “Eternal Punishment” were the words that came out. The room took on a soft glow like the sun casts on the night sky when it blows its final kiss. The light was there, blessing him under its watchful eye. He could feel It sipping the nectar of her nurturing fear.
Sam took the foot and held it up high. An offering. His eyes were shut tighter than the gates of hell. Like the biblical bush, he was on fire—that yellow-orange fire. It burned through him with divine power. My wrath has just begun. “Who can survive my burning fury? My rage blazes forth like fire, and the mountains crumble to dust in my presence,” he screamed. Those were the purest words to ever burn through his soul. “Salvation!”
There was a tingling sensation in Sam’s ear. With the intensity of the moment, he barely recognized it as his implant. It stopped for a moment and then started up again, and again. “Son of a bitch,” he yelled. High on euphoria, he’d lost all sense of time and even place. He’d set his implant to signal him when there were only ten minutes remaining before the DNA scanners would come back online.
Disturbed by the interruption, Sam shoveled everything into the tool bag, including the foot. It could not be left behind. It was his Ten Commandments, his symbol of righteousness to lead him through the following days, a trophy to be preserved and cherished. He stood tall over Nice Rack and used his shorter leg to nudge her head toward him so he could look into her eyes. He didn’t have to hear her screams. The message had been delivered. He exited the airlock, waited for the red light to appear on the panel, and then he blew Terri Andrews out into the darkness of space, casting her into the eternal punishment of hell.

Excerpt Two –

Time slipped away with every thud of his heart, and he replayed Smuggy’s fateful words—the words that burned through his soul. He opened his mind to them, and they sounded over and over again, breathing life into his hate and fear. A tender new life. Like a spirit drawn to the sparkle of heaven, he knew it would find this sweet tenderness irresistible. He could see its color deepen as the breaker approached and then, like when God waved his life-giving hand and created the universe, it crashed into the module, turning it into a tidal pool of energy, blinding him with the its almighty brilliance, and consuming him. And just as the radiance of the sun rolls onto the shores of the Earth, the glorious light of God shines into my heart, and I become one of his children.
This wasn’t like the other times they’d communed together. Maybe the all-encompassing fear and anger he felt over his message of impending danger had taken it by surprise. Perhaps it, too, boiled with fury. Sam’s heart beat out of control, and with each beat, a piece of his body felt like it was turning to cinders. The pain was unbearable, intense, but he knew it was the pain of truth: the pain Christ felt on the cross that elevated him from a man to a God. The pain swept him into an ebb of confusion. He savored its divine glow in an attempt to stay focused, but it disappeared. As he grasped at his last bit of consciousness, he realized where it had gone. It was inside him. They were one.
* * * *
Where am I? Sam felt like he was drifting in an empty place: void of light, sound, and sensation, without even the beat of his heart to keep him company. Am I dead?
He wanted to open his eyes, but he had none to open. He wanted to feel the touch of his skin, but he had none to touch. There he was, floating in the abyss—a simple consciousness. Ahh, but I can feel my consciousness. It’s as alive as a whirling storm, a typhoon, and with each single thought, a bolt of lightning struck into the darkness and branched out its tentacles of energy and became stronger. Just as lightning is drawn to the ground, he felt the energy of his thoughts drawn to the energy of others, intangible others. He could sense their thoughts, feel their discontent, and it revitalized and nourished him. It flowed like water to the ocean, charging the storm of his consciousness for the next lightning strike, the next even more powerful thought.
He opened his mind and delighted in this God-given power. He could choose where to direct it, where to feed. He could somehow taste the innocent and fearful, feel their hate; and he relished in ripening their distress, taunting them, manipulating them, and whispering to them with his thoughts. He knew this power was going to be his for only a short while, just like every night when the cold chill of dawn would take him from his magical place. This too would go. He let his thoughts flow, each more acute than the last. Each thought found its way to a virulent pool of life full of contempt and fueled itself for the next. The energy was everywhere, and through the sky he could soar with the rolling clouds, pillaging and plundering on his way.
* * * *
A deep breath evacuated the suffocating feeling in Sam’s lungs and jolted him back to the world from whence he came. His trip down the rabbit hole was like climbing into the shoes of his God. He felt humbled, back to being a mere mortal, but he had company and not just the beating of his heart. He opened his eyes to behold the most heavenly site of all. Hovering before him like mother Mary was the purest light of all, swollen and nourished. As he watched it fade into the distance, a smile wrapped around his face like a warm blanket. We are one.
Sam’s blissful moment was stripped away when out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of the time. It was almost eleven o’clock and just like in his dreams, Its whispers, so wise and pure, had once again pointed the way and given him direction. He knew what had to be done. He set the module in motion, maximum speed, heading toward the docking port at Section One, near the end of the long tunnel. The journey took five minutes, and as he waited for the docking lock to engage, he grabbed the module remote.

Joanne Elder, author of Spectra and Entity
twitter @JoanneElder

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