Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Frightens You? by J.Q. Rose

What frightens you? What makes your blood run cold, makes your teeth chatter, scares you to death? Ah, yes, all clichés which writers hate. Hmmm, maybe clichés scare you off from reading a piece.

Does a little mouse darting across the kitchen floor scare you? How about snakes, spiders, bugs? All real things that can set a heart pumping.

Then there are the creatures like Frankenstein, monsters, zombies, werewolves. Are they fantasy or actually walking around in our world?

How about the staircase leading to the unknown, the face of the serial killer reflecting in your mirror, the hand reaching out of the grave, the bloody dagger on the floor of the car, the dark room containing mysterious sounds…

Does one of these scary things cause your heart to pound faster and your mind to whirl more than another? Is a mouse skittering across your toes comparable to spotting a Zombie? Are there various degrees of horror for you?

What scares you the most? Now, don’t say your mother-in-law!

A skilled horror writer can make even the tiniest mouse sighting become frightening to the reader. Using words to paint the picture in the reader’s mind and build the suspense allows even the mundane to take on the aspect of horror.

What frightens you? Leave a comment here to tell us.

J.Q. Rose is the author of the mystery/light horror e-book, Sunshine Boulevard, released by Muse It Up Publishing. Also available at major online booksellers.

Mysterious deaths upset the Florida retirement community interfering with their seasonal activities
and turning up more than dead bodies.


S. Willett said...

A bug coming at you is not scary until you stomp your foot and it rears up on back legs, you hear a hiss, and it continues toward you. That's scary because it's just not right.

What's most frightening is the sounds you can't place and the imagination goes into overdrive.

J.Q. Rose said...

Ah, yes, Sharon, when the imagination kicks in, everything is possible. Hmm...sounds like a writer thinking up the scary story, eh?

Rhobin said...

Insects, mice, and unexpected varmits don't scare me much anymore, nor do sounds in the night. Wake me up? Yes, but I figure out what the sound is and go back to sleep. What startles and scares me is any unexpected touch anywhere on my bare skin -- cat whiskers... spiders... flying insects... fingers... It makes me shudder.

M. L. Archer said...

Spiders. God, I hate spiders.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Spiders and axe murderers!

Anonymous said...

The thing that comes to mind for me is being chased. And I don't mean in ridiculous horrors where the killer strolls along at a pace that, frankly, I could roll away from. I mean being chased at a sprint by *something* that is throwing every bit of energy it has into catching you.
That freaks me out.
Cool question :)

J.Q. Rose said...

Spiders are winning I think, but you all have interesting scary stuff. I wonder if what frightened you when you were 6 years old still frighten you as an adult. Yep, noises in the night and and the possibility of the monster under the bed still scare me!

Anonymous said...