Monday, August 27, 2012


Alan's Arrival
The Erotes Series
by Dana Littlejohn
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance/MMF
Tags: Multiple partners, romance, erotic, Greek gods, contemporary
Cover Designer: Delilah K. Stephans
Pages: 51
ISBN:  978-1-77127-120-2

Back Cover:
Kia Sanders recognized her husband Dale’s past urges were resurfacing in their present and something had to be done. At first she didn’t know what, but after meeting Alan, what she needed came to her like a gift from the gods.

Bonds of Time
by Larion Wills
Genre: Sci-Fi Time Travel Romance
Tags:  Time travel, end of the world, woman dominance, male enslavement, gladiators, survival, immortals, war, Arizona, White Mountains, apocalypse
Cover Designer: Delilah K. Stephans
Pages:  242
ISBN: 978-1-77127-137-0
Back Cover:
Judith gave up on the world long before those fools destroyed it. She didn’t run out of her forest looking for survivors, didn’t seek out those she knew of. She wanted nothing to do with any human until Garth fell out of the sky. He aroused one emotion she had left, curiosity. Where did he come from and how did he get there? Why did he have a perfect adult body and the mind of a child? What terrified him? To get the answers she must first educate him and then protect him from the survivors down the mountain, wanting a healthy, mature male to rebuild the human race.

Rings of Paradise
by Maxine Douglas
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Professional wrestling, Bret Hart, WWE, Hawaii, Maxine Douglas, Muse It Up,  #amwriters, #wwe, #wrestling, Maui,
Cover Designer: Winterheart Designs
Pages:  138
ISBN:  978-1-77127-136-3

Back Cover:

Dear Reader,

I’m not much on putting words to paper, action is more up my alley. I’m Flame, the reigning champion in the Universal Wrestling World (UWW). So why am I here?
I grew up in a wrestling family and cut my teeth on the squared circle, which by the way is the only “lady” I trust any more.
I’ve gone and bought out a small press magazine in Madison, Wisconsin that was going nowhere fast, hired a woman by the name of Khristen Roberts, who according to the editor-in-chief is untrained and wants nothing more than to be a journalist.
Okay, I’m a sucker in helping people out, it’s my one weakness, if I have any. Problem is she’s on vacation in Hawaii. I’ve got to catch up with her somewhere along the line for her to join up with me and the UWW. I just hope Khristen is up for the ride…it’s always a trip.

Yours truly,
The Flame

The Silver Seahorse
A Novel by Judy Joyce Winn
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Nika Dixon
Pages:  168
ISBN:  978-1-77127-112-7

Back Cover:
Nessie Polite has everything figured out.  She’s about to graduate with a master’s degree in architecture, has a job in the wings and a longtime boyfriend who is a lawyer. Then her mother, Kaylynn, is killed in a nasty auto accident that may have been murder…a murder meant for Nessie.
She inherits a special seahorse necklace Kaylynn always wore and a half interest in the “Silver Seahorse” gift shop.  But now someone is stalking her, her supposed dead father is a fantasy, and to top it off, her boyfriend is cheating on her.  Who is her father? And who wants to harm her?  Will she find answers in her home town of Beulah Beach – or must she travel to the island of St. Thomas?  Will she find true love or true danger in her quest for answers?

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