Sunday, September 2, 2012


Who's to say what's really true? Sometimes love brings with it a different kind of honesty. 
A Different Kind of Honesty
A Novel by Jane Richardson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Contemporary, romance, thriller, suspense, FBI, mistaken identity, British heroine, American hero, Italian/American.

Werewolf terrorists kidnap your son. For ransom? For hostage exchange? Save him and risk anarchy, your beliefs, your life? 

Baker Street Inquisitor
The Conway Cases Series-Book Two
by Cin Eric
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Alternate History/Noir
Tags: Urban fantasy, alternate history, noir, Werewolves, vampires, inquisitor,  terrorist,  Sydney,  journalist,

Katora must decide if she will become guardian of a secret healing Elixir and bind herself to its magic.
Elixir Bound
by Katie L. Carroll
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy
Tags: Young Adult, YA, fantasy, adventure, romance, quest, magic, immortality

Enslaved and forced to battle to the death for ten years, Tristan Shane must decide: do the Queen's bidding and kill the Healer, or trust his instincts and save the world. 
Book One in The Gladiator Chronicles
A Novel by Kate Lynd
Purchase Gladiator
Genre: Post Apocalyptic Erotic Romance

Two hearts sprinkled with magic equal one wish fulfilled. 
Lexie's Last Run
A Short Story in the Lacey's Lamp Series
by Diane Deeds
Genre: Erotic Romance
Tags: ADULT CONTENT, contemporary, genie, magic, rustic, lodge, fireplace, camping.

It's love and laughter in Liberty Heights when social director Ellie Marx hits town and collides with cranky Zach Resnick who is trying to write a book. 

Life of the Party
Book Two in The Liberty Heights Series
A Novel by Elle Druskin
Genre: Contemporary Humorous Romance
Tags: Contemporary romance, small town romance, romantic humor

A troubled genius creates living women from the inanimate, but with each birth, he loses more of his soul. 
The Dollmaker
A Novel by Justin Robinson
Genre: Gothic Horror
Tags: Golems, alchemy, voyeurism, Frankensteinish, identity loss, monster identity - man or monster, dark art creation


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Help! I have been trying to visit your website and it keeps telling me it's been hacked!

ChrisChat said...

Sorry for not responding sooner, Rachel. Our tech support resolved the issue as soon as we reported it to them.

Chris Speakman
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Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I had actually checked back earlier today and was happy to see it was up and running again! :)