Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Baacckk!!

Missed me? 

Thought I wouldn't show up?

Well hate you too. Had to come back...there's so much fresh meat at MuseItUp I needed to quench my nasty thirst. But where do I begin?

First, let me say how utterly enthusiastic I was to see some quality work FINALLY with your books. Two in particular had my exes on the covers:

Now Stinky, I admit, had gorgeous teeth but his need to go lie down in a grave early at night pissed the living...or in my case...dead daylights out of me. Nice enough but a real party-pooper.

Now opposite!! Party Party Party PAR-TAH!!! But I drew a line biting me. See the blood on his teeth? Not mine...but what's the point of partying when you're going to eat the guests all the time.

Huge disappointment that not one single cover artist wanted MOI on their cover. Shows you their bad taste. Now you tell me, who wouldn't want me?

There's no other beauty like mine around. WAKE UP!!!! Morons!...

Back to the fresh meat...

Victoria Ley...a few funnies come to mind...but will be polite since I so love my Ouija Board and see she had the good taste to post it on her DARK SEED: AWAKENINGS cover. You're off the hook, Toots!

Talking about Toots...where's the witch? Gail something or other...has Salem ousted her? Too bad, teeth were chomping for her bones.

But wait...this can't be true...

You can't possibly have grown good taste in a year. Who is this SB Knight? A man out of my dreams. Look at him bathing in blood. <SHIVERS OF DELIGHT OVERWHELM ME>...Is he still with this house or did you guys oust him because of his hygienic differences? SB...where are you?


He must be the man of my dreams. Look how he carefully holds the heart in his true love...I'm here!

And if ya'll believed that...I've got Drac's bridge for sale.


I'll be back later.

Bonella is back! 

PS. I hear Boobette destroyed her avatar. Too bad. Now she looks like an avatar copycat.


Unknown said... that is cold! However, unlike your owner, I won't be burying my little darling to allow worms to infiltrate and eat up my avatar's sense of humor. No wonder you only bob for crab-apples. You might try a proper diet or excersizing to release some endorphins for that meanness. Shoot, we all know you run the show, break into that cheesecake and smile a little. Hehehe. Also, Bonella, it's time to stop blaming others for your lot in life. You have the perfect shape for a runway model. Gucci, DKNY, Chanel, St. John, and the list goes on. One that I think might benefit you the most is Vera Wang, however. She has some fabulous veils. Um...I'd go for the tighter knits.

Unknown said...
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Edith Parzefall said...

Great one, Karen! That'll teach the old hag of bones. Ugh, is she still around? I hear rattling. Thought you'd chased her away. Gotta run.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I may be shaking in my boots, but I can still appreciate awesome book covers. And these are definitely outstanding.

ChrisChat said...

So, old boney escaped her crypt again. Can see the lye bath didn't improve her disposition any. Have to try the bone-worms of Monterey Bay.

Hey, Bonella, need a new pair of cement shoes?

Sue Perkins said...

Not sure about a new pair of shoes Chris, but I think she needs a new hat. Great that she's come back though, livens up this time of year.

ChrisChat said...

Maybe with a veil, Sue?

Livens up this time of year? Hmmm, maybe more like rattles up ;)

Although, looks like she's gone for a catty-nap

M. L. Archer said...

Oh, Bonella is back with her gallows humor and rapier wit. Magnificent book covers, but isn't that last years shade of moss you have growing? Oh, my...

Susan Royal said...

I've missed you Bonella, dear!!!