Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pet Peeves in the Writing/Publishing Industry - HMMMMM

Guest Posts
Be it your blog or someone else’s - You are the guest or the host – You supply the questions or you answer them – you supply the wanted material or you take the time to make it look great on your blog, etc., etc., etc.  Authors don’t just whip these up in seconds (or at least I don’t).  There are wonderful bloggers out there that take time to put it all together, both parties advertise to all they know and at the end of the day, on a good day, you may have five to ten comments, other times you may have only one or two comments – maybe none.

I can usually count on a few who will always say something, because they are awesome supporters, but when it’s all said and done, and you’ve tried to make the perfect, appealing and humorous post, you aren’t sure if anybody has even stopped by.   Makes you want to pull your hair out!  It can be so deflating!  Is it worth it?

In my humble opinion….it is!  From one post, a number of opportunities could come up.  You might find another author who has the perfect audience for what you write and get an invitation to appear on their blog.  Hence, your story is out to readers who have never heard of you before and like what you have to offer, which means – new followers! 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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This really isn't a pet peeve but I thought about something that was once said to me.  At the time I thought, “HowRude!”  I was having lunch with a book club group and this lady says, “Well, won’t these online publishers really take anything sent to them?  I mean, what have they got to lose?”

Really?  My response was, “Their reputation for one - and for the record, I’ve had story submissions rejected from these online publishers.”  That shut her up!

Thanks for checking out my pet peeves!  I am Penny Estelle and I write for the MG/tween kiddos!  My story, Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare, is the first story of The Wickware Sagas.  Kids of today - meeting historical legends of years gone by!

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randi lee said...

Good Morning, Penny. New follower here! Have to say, I love your blog! Glad I stopped by :D

Penny's Tales said...

Hey Randi Lee - first welcome!!! Second, thanks for stopping by. This months "Pet Peeves" segment is fun to read.

Unknown said...

I totally agree! I blog and think, "is anyone reading this". I suppose they are or will someday :) Thanks for sharing your pet peeve!

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Penny, I agree with you that you put time and effort into a blog post and people don't comment. You can tell if you have traffic if you use something like Sitemaster, but still comments help you to see what people are thinking. It's amazing to me that people will visit my blog even when I have no new content and then I feel guilty about not posting.:) So it works both ways I think.

Marie Lavender said...

Exactly. I have two blogs, and have tried to draw attention, but people do not comment. I have no idea if people have read them or not. LOL.

Pat McDermott said...

Is there a blogger alive who doesn't wonder about this, Penny? Great topic. I agree, it's a good idea to keep blogging, even if you think no one is looking. In addition to my writing blogs, I do a cooking blog. I get very few comments, but the stats show people from all over the world are checking my recipes. Wish as many checked my writing blogs :-) It's also a good idea to visit other peoples' blogs (when time allows) and leave a comment. Helps get folks used to seeing your name. Happy blogging!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I'm amazed at how many wonderful blogger/authors out there who will jump at the chance to do a shoutout for another author. It's inspiriing.

Penny's Tales said...

Hey Ladies....thanks for all the comments! It's fun reading everybody's pet peeves

Penny Estelle

Wendy said...

This is a good peeve, Penny, even if it isn't really one of your peeves. :) Blogging and social networking is relatively new. It's hard now, not to be invisible, even though we do our best to entertain. Think what it will be like in a few years when absolutely everyone is blogging. At least we are already on the ladder to success, even if it's the first rung.

Penny's Tales said...

Hey Wendy - wow the thought of what blogging will be like in a few years gives me a headache - LOL

J.Q. Rose said...

I am on a book tour right now for Coda to Murder. The behind the scenes logistics takes so much time as well as writing articles and questions and answers for guest blogs. Yes, I've been frustrated just like you, but it is fun connecting with readers and meeting new authors on the tour. You're right...you never know what may be the result of just one blog post. Loved your thoughts.