Monday, April 1, 2013

Hero Worship

This months subject is disabilities and emotional problems and how it relates to your main character. Well, my MC, Kevin doesn't have any disability or emotional problem but what he does have is the solution to having emotional troubles.

This is because I believe that for a child to develop properly, he/she needs a hero, someone they believe to be the best and will not do anything that their hero doesn't approve of. I definitely believe that children seek to copy whomever they think is the best, whether it be their father or mother or a famous athlete.

Well, Kevin's father is his absolute hero, he will do nothing that his father would frown on and he makes sure he always behaves correctly. This is how kids grow up right and don't develop emotional problems, in my opinion.

So, I'm actually writing on the flip-side of disability and emotional distress but it does belong here because prevention is the best medicine. I don't agree with punishing people with emotional problems but if we can prevent them from developing, that would be the best thing.

Perhaps we all owe our children a hero. We all have to be the best we can be so they will be the best they can be. It's something to think about anyway.


randi lee said...

Very true. If children don't know who to be, how will they know how to be?

Unknown said...

That's a good way to put it.

Wendy said...

I'd love to live in the ideal world as a hero/parent but...Being a parent is so hard. Being a hero/parent must be quite impossible. It hurts too much on both sides when children find out their heroes are fallible. I think that's when children rebel. Then the entire relationship suffers and leads to emotional problems.