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Where to begin? I guess since I am the longer in tooth of the two of us, I should start with me and then mosey on into the future with my daughter.
My casual name is Lin…it’s what everyone calls me now that I’ve dropped my dad’s exaggerated pronunciation of my birth name…Linda(r) that I loathed with that invisible (r) he insisted on tacking onto it.

SO I'm Lin Holmes and I write as L.J. Holmes. (I know. not at all a BRILLIANT pen name, but it's easy on my aging mind.)

Long ago and far away in a land too confusing to describe, I was born/hatched…the first of my parent’s four children to be born in an actual hospital. (I'm number

three.) I’m not going to bore you with a whole bunch of unsavory details…such as I never made it to the delivery room…(I was born in the corridor on a gurney, mom screaming at the top of her a tad inebriated lungs...she was a bit pickled in nearly a fifth of Four Roses Whiskey...while nurse shift change {11:00P.M.} went on around us...think that explains my lower body fur in the picture above?)

I’m not sure if mom being pickled is the

genesis of my disabilities…but it certainly is an event neither of my parents ever allowed me to forget. Being too much in a hurry to wait until we could be wheeled into the delivery room for my debut they STILL had to pay for didn't endear me to them....and that's before they noticed the fur. 

Of course because I was born a bit warped from mom’s drinking they also had to pay for some extras they might not have had to deal with if I’d been born at home like my two older brothers. They told me it was dry ice to burn the blood tumors from my spectacular rear end didn't come they told I wonder if it wasn't REALLY electrolysis.)

However, all kidding aside I was born the daughter of an alcoholic so entered this world with a mild case of fetal alcohol syndrome.

I don’t actually know all of the effects it had on me, but I was painfully shy and endured digestive trauma all my life. Ulcers came naturally to me while I was growing up, during a time children weren't allowed to be diagnosed with ulcers. I guess it wasn't fashionable yet to have the world know your family carried the label DYSFUNCTIONAL around its scrawny necks by admitting ulcers in children.

If I had one secret wish while I was growing up it was for the ability to disappear...kinda like the guy Burt on SOAP but like Burt,

no matter how many times I snapped my fingers, everyone could still see me. It was REALLY frustrating! I only managed to make my MIND disappear when I was reading, or secretly writing wild tales with my flashlight underneath my blanket at three o'clock in the morning...I think my inner muse

"Nudge" was a secret agent in a former life.

When you’re painfully shy and afraid to call attention to yourself because your gut will twist into countless knots, you understand limitations. I didn't start emerging from my shell until long after the end of my marriage...a marriage  that would leave me with too many physical disabilities to bother enumerating here.

Some of my current disabilities make up the background for my very first published e-book here at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.,

SANTA IS A LADY. The central character, Angie, survived a near fatal car accident right after 9/11. I based Angie’s disabilities and her car accident on my own.

Her best friend, Beck, though is a composite of my father and son…with a bit of compassion thrown in so Beck isn't quite as unfeeling or lacking in redeeming qualities. (The males in my family take “stiff-upper-lip’ism” to the ‘Nth’ degree even if they wail like fire sirens when they get ingrown toenails.)

But I digress…Angie is an author…much like me. She's come a long way in her recovery. She’ll never be 100% but she’s made a niche for herself despite her physical limitations, and knows how to smile and laugh at life, any way.

Beck, however, is terrified of Angie’s limits and can't allow her friend to rest on her acquired but limiting laurels…not if she can prod, push, or toss Angie back into the fray of being “normal”

Beck owns a confectionery store and it's mere days before Christmas in the land of NORTHERINGALE when the Santa, sitting on Beck’s Santa Throne is arrested.

Frantic to fill the seat but aware all Santa College trained jolly gents ( and Yes, there IS a Santa College...I checked!) are contracted elsewhere she comes up with the plan to save her throne’s glitter, by getting her friend Angie back out into the world according to Beck…She'll browbeat, coerce and whimper until she convinces the still visibly injured Angie to don the happy elf suit and save Beck’s Christmas bacon.

Many of Angie’s disabilities describes me, the L.J. portion of Kat and L.J. Holmes…But here I am!

Now let me describe my FAVORITE element of this writing duo, my exquisite daughter

Kat Holmes.

Once upon a time up there where the Great Lakes churn up more snow than I'd ever imagined dropping in one place at one time, I gave birth to my miracle child.

I call her my “Miracle Child” because Dr. “Pregnancy Allowed On Friday's Only Quackeroo” (my in-laws family doctor...((word of advice))...NEVER get pregnant near your mother-in-law,) decided I was going to give birth before he left for his winter vacation in Hawaii at the end of January.

It didn’t seem to mean much to him or my mother-in-law that my due date wasn’t until ...the MIDDLE of February.

Four hours is all it was supposed to take for the labor and delivery to be induced and produced.

Nature doesn’t always agree with the medical quagmires forged by mankind’s alleged superiority. Or maybe Nature just doesn't think child birth should be a HOBBY for the doctor assigned to oversee such miracles.

FOURTEEN hours and a whole boatload of pain for my baby girl and me later,

Kat arrived with her fists clenched ready to bonk the doctor in his arrogant schnozz….and she's been fist's ready to bonk ever since. She's had to.

Those chemicals did more than just force Kat to make her world-wide entrance early. They damaged parts of her brain.

Some human creatures give people with seizures funny looks and wide berths…or worse...act like the one with seizures is a blithering idiot. More often than not people with seizures measure in the genius does Kat...but she has received more than her fair share of jaundiced looks as she went through the process of growing into her adult shell…and since. In my humble opinion, no one understands what it’s like to be “disabled” more than her.

Because Kat must wear the soft helmet you see hanging on the wall behind Mama Bear, one of our two cats, people look at her like she’s mentally defective…as you can tell by the number of her books alone listed at the end of this posting, in less than three year's time. she's so not.

I call her “My Little Genius,” a title she’s proven ownership of over and over again.

Let me give you some for-instances….Currently with Muse It Up Publishing she is cranking out

THREE separate series…with one of them a world she created from the depths of her brilliance.

I begin with her

Artica Lights Series…Artica is a land of perpetual cold with a queen AWNI, who cannot touch anyone because her skin is so cold it’s lethal to her people.

Alone, Awni watches the closeness, the interaction, the affection shown between her people…but she can never be a part of it. Imagine having THAT for a disability?  (Book One in this heart wrenching series is


with Book Two,

REFLECTIONS OF ICE also available.)

Kat’s second series HEKATE’S WEB brings one of Kat’s all time loves…(the girl is an expert on the subject)…Greek Mythology sort of into the 21st Century.

Hekate, we learn is actually the MOTHER of vampires and she’s about to unleash one really potent Lilith upon the arrogant male vamps…good and bad.

Lilith is the sister of a very hard core religious brother and falls into her future while attending his theme wedding at a Renaissance Faire. Adhering to nature’s call, Lilith is about to stumble, head long into Hekate’s design.

The heroine of HIDDEN, (a technical “newbie” vamp )is 30 years into her "hidden" vampishness.....ANOTHER big time disability. She ventures out to kick a lot of long in the tooth vampire butt and make the vamps sit up and wonder what in the world Hekate has in mind for their kind.

Lilith must rise above the disabilities inherent with being the newbie girl on the block who can beat all the guys into sniveling bloody weaklings.

Kat and

I have had to overcome many limits because of our disabilities, (she blows bubbles, I scratch my back,) but despite them we each have more than ten books published so far; all in little more than two years. Not bad, even if I do say so myself.

Our books so far: and all Available at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. are:

1. Santa Is a Lady
2. Forever With You

3. The Pendulum Swings
4. Twilight Comes
5. In From The Cold
6. This Time Forever
7. Beyond Yesterday
8. Suc-U
9. Champagne Afternoon
10. She’s Gone
11. Life’s Journey
12. Hidden Glade

1. The Lighthouse
2. Frozen
3. Working Under Covers
4. The Heart of the Queen
5. Dangerous Voice
6. Hidden
7. In Death’s Arms
8. Crimson Waters
9. Dances At Dawn
10.Hannah’s Wish
11. Reflections of Ice
12. Under the Huntress Moon

Kat Holmes & L.J. Holmes Collaborations

1. Her Last Day

2. One Night Stud

Our bodies may be damaged, but the minds in spite of their challenges,we hope are delivering pure gold. Thankfully, by finding ourselves here at Muse It Up Publishing we are among friends who not only understand the hard won rewards of disabilities, they



Unknown said...

You both are truly an inspiration. The more I learn about you two the more I am in awe at the brilliance that is the Holmes women. :-) Keeping going, there is more at the end of the writers' tunnel. Good luck always!

Lin said...

Thanks Alix. Every day you make our world richer too. Thank you so much for all the inspiration you generously hold out to us.

Lin said...

P).S. Thank you Jim Hartley for the great morphed pictures...I do so love being...hairy.

Leona~Author said...

What a very inspiring story.I am also physically handicapped by a slowly progressive, neuromuscular disorder called CMT. At this point in time, I am deaf and use a power wheelchair.

My motto is:When life hands you lemons, make the best lemonade possible. It seems both you and your daughter have done that.

Congratulations on your success.

Marian Lanouette said...

Wow, inspiring and very prolific. That's quite the impressive list of works.

Lin said...

Thank you all. Leona, I think I've learned if the lemons don't turn you sour, you've figured out how to turn them into polish using them to brighten the toughness life has forced you to develop. Hmmm does that mean a touch life is just a can of Pledge? Now there's a thought. :-)

Rhobin said...

I salute the determination and strength both of you possess.

Wendy said...

It's amazing how you and Kat stamp on your adversity and channel your constructive energy into your writing with such powerful effect. It's no wonder you produce so many and such entertaining books. Not many people can do that. That's a real ability! :)

Lin said...

Thank you Wendy and Rhobin Lee. Coming to Muse has given both of us a strong platform to stand on and wave our banner from. Lea and Litsa don't just accept our limitation they celebrate our succeding inspite of them and give us the eager encouragement to step beyond them. I honestly don't know if we would have come this far, this quickly, anywhere else.