Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm a Dingbat AND a Writer!

Oh MY!!!

When I chose this date for my posting, I didn't have my calendar with me, so had no idea I was choosing

Mother's Day. Ergo, I can still claim ownership of the "dingbat" label I have proudly? worn most of my life.

My name is Lin, but I write as L.J. Holmes. I live with my daughter, Kat Holmes, also a writer...which can get interesting. She tells me her favorite game, is

Whack-a-Mom. I think I'm on the losing end of this game.

Somehow, or another, I've also managed to become a bonfied published author. Right now I think I have fourteen? e-books out?

My daughter's first e-book THE LIGHHOUSE is already in print. I have to admit her book is longer than any of mine except my soon-to-be-released, (as in this coming Friday) book Echoes From The Past, but as her mom, holding her book in my hands is such a miracle...I guess I kind of hope to have the same high with my own book, and I think I will, soon. I know, I know, print books are going the way of the dinosaur, but I'm first cousin of a guy named Rex... you know

T-Rex and they're making a come-back...right?

Okay...moving on...

Our theme here at Muse Blog this month is talking about what it's like to write. Before I started writing I was in such awe of authors. They were my heroes. Every time I opened a book they carted me off to magical places. In my mind I decided they surely lived beguiling lives.

I was wrong...or at least I was wrong about the majority of authors, and my daughter and I are no different than them. Most live like you and me. They struggle to make ends meet. Many work day jobs, and write when they can grab a precious moment here and there. They still enchant me. They still are my heroes, but I now know they're just like you and me...Except authors have inner muses. They don't do it for money, they write because they have to tell their stories..which when you think about it, actually makes them even more heroic.

I have a book that comes out this coming very first full length novel,

Echoes From The Past. I originally wrote this book, very quickly, I'll admit, back in 2000. (This is the one I HOPE will one day make it into print...Boy Howdy I can feel it in my hands already. Heaven on Earth!)

This story came from my soul, but its timing was wrong, and no matter how much I wanted to get it out, you can't beat your head against everybody when the timing is wrong.

My hero has a really weird name, Ahoishmahir, and I have no idea where it came just was there inside my head. Once in popped into my head, I had to give him a story worthy of such a name.

I've always been fascinated by the Anasazi, Atlantis, and Lemuria. I don't mind doing research. In college my professors dubbed me the queen of research, but I found it enchating, and electrifying working with cultures we can only speculate about. Just like Tolkein, I got to create my own language. Okay not quite like him...I only created a FEW words, but still...just call me a mini-Webster!

I've studied as much about the Anasazi as I could lay my grubby hands on...they suddenly appeared and just as suddenly disappeared. No one knows where they came from, how they etched their dwellings, or why they all just up and vanished.

Atlantis The LOST Continent...everyone wonders what was it like. Speculation can be documented farther back than ancient Greece, but Lemuria is rumored to have existed long before Atlantis, and even less is known about I decided to give Ahoishmahir a life that threads back through time to the the eras of the Anasazi and Lemuria.

I'm a "What if" writer. My first book

SANTA IS A LADY...came about because I asked a "What if? question. What if, I wondered, a commercial store Santa is arrested days before Christmas? How will the store owner handle replacing Santa when all "professional" Santas are already working?

Once I know what question I must answer, then I have to set about answering it. Sometimes the answers flow easily, sometimes it's worse than trying to pull my own teeth...NOT that I've ever tried to do that! But you get my drift!

I wrote a short story, it's a mystery...sort of. I called it

SHE'S GONE. I asked myself, what if a man came home and found his wife gone and he had no idea why. As far as he knows they're blissfully happy. What will he do to unravel this mystery? I really enjoyed writing this story, because it allowed me to totally delve into a man's point of view.


I asked myself, What if you see a video of Reba MacEntire's for her song Fancy and it makes you travel back to your own haunted shack? What secrets might you uncover? What history might unravel before you? And what if the wind has power beyond anything you've ever imagined? I really LOVE working "What If" stories!

My daughter and I have begun collaborating, and I think I'm wearing off on her. So far we've written two books together and both are WHAT IF themes. The first

HER LAST DAY, came into being when we asked, What if you're new to Pompeii and absolutely hate everything about it but are unable to do anything to change it? And what if you knew Vesuvius' eruption is going to take everything from you? How would you spend your last hours? What if, as the day progresses you realize there is no escaping? What would be important enough to you in those final hours for you to reach out for and claim as death and destruction rain down around you?

Our second is called

ONE NIGHT STUD and that came into being because we wondered what if you only had one night to find true love or forever spend eternity as something beyond your ability to imagine or desire? Could you avoid lesser temptations and hold out for that one special person?

And then there's the other side of my writing personality...and that can get me into trouble...innocent trouble...maybe...but trouble nonetheless. There was a time when our fearless leader Lea Schizas put out the call for more erotica short stories. I looked at my daughter and said something I can't repeat, but the title of the short story that came about is a close homonym for what I said and it's


Lea tends to get me into a lot of trouble because she brings out my devilish sense of humor. Because of her I recently got a contract for a book coming out in October, I think, maybe November...I have a book coming out each month, and I can't remember which is coming out in which month...Anyway it's called DIAMONDS FROM THE ROUGHAGE. Kat, my loving daughter has snorted a time or two at me and said "Ma, I can't wait to see how how you're gonna promote this one." She's REALLY enjoying this...Daughters! NO respect!

She's right though...but please don't tell her I said so.  See DIAMONDS FROM THE ROUGHAGE is about EXACTLY what it says. I wrote this to make our fearless leader giggle, nothing more. Never expecting it to get contracted, but yes, I submitted with all the seriousness of a regular manuscript, so it would appear like the real thing...oh boy. Should be interesting to see what my poor Cover Artist comes up with. Again...oh boy!

But even in a story rich in soul defining messages, such as I know ECHOES FROM THE PAST delivers, there is humor in it. You'll meet Boomerang, a rather vain spirit wolf, who gets offended when Lemurians primp him up, and I hope you'll love the Dippy Duo. They don't MEAN to be inept. They just can't help themselves.

Humor is part of who we are. With every dark moment, with every painful second, there has to be some balance, some light that pours in, some laughter, some joy, some happiness, and that's all I try to do with what I write. It's not always easy, but it's a journey that's worth it.

I fell in love with Ahosihmahir the first time I met him. I'm still in love with him, and I hope you will be too, but I also hope you'll love the dragon Nion in DIAMONDS FROM THE ROUGHAGE. Just remember, that whole story actually was written JUST to make our fearless leader here at Muse It Up Publishing laugh.

Since she contracted it, I'm assuming it worked.

Thanks for joining me here.

Happy Mother's Day to All You Mother's.

I can be reached at Spatzdkat1212 AT yahoo DOT com

At my main blog...last count I think I have 12 (I could never figure out how to take advantage of the blogger pages.) is

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And you can view the stellar book trailer my cover artist for ECHOES FROM THE PAST, Suzannah Safi did for this book too by following this link...

Again Thank You!


Jim Hartley said...

Lin, yes, you're a dingbat, but such a sweet dingbat. I should be upset at you because you have more Muse titles out than I do, but I can't ... I love you too much.

Happy Mother's Day

Unknown said...

When I was a kid I was one with nature! I"m looking forward to reading Lin and Kat's new books' so I can connect once more!

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sweet Ding Bat...may you forever continue to be you cos that's who everyone loves...ding batty or not, we don't care.

Lin said...

Ahhh Thank you All. I'm coing in to check on this late...but could not ask for better comments esepcially on this day of honoring Mothers.

Jim, blame Nudge. My inner annoyance won't let me take too many breaks from letting her have her say...Some are long enough to warrant subbing...others are little more than burps of ideas.

And Jim, I love you too. You have created many of my most ding batty pictures. This whack-a-mom being one.

Rose, if Kat and I are returning you to nature, you have opened a whole new valley of Nature for us to enjoy and cherish. encouraged me to bring my quirky humor out where I can share it. And I really DID create DIAMONDS to cheer you up.