Sunday, May 12, 2013

KidLit Giveaway

MuseItUp Publishing is thrilled to be participating this year in the Annual Children's Book Week Celebration from May 13 - 19, hosted by Mother Daughters Book Reviews. Tons of blogs to visit and have a chance to win one of several prizes.

We've put together two e-packages consisting of 8 ebooks in both for an opportunity for two winners to walk away with, one per winner. All you have to do is leave a comment to one of the questions posted at the end of this blog entry. Click the covers for more information.

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The Younger Days
by Mike Hays
Middle Grade Historical Fiction

Boy Smyth discovers secrets hidden beneath his ordinary life and family when his outlaw hero, Cole Younger visits their farm. 

The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy
Book One in The Shadow of the Unicorn Series
by Suzanne de Montigny 
Middle Grade Fantasy

Will Azaria save the unicorns from extinction? 

The Secret of the Stones
The Lost Diaries of Northumberland Series
by C.K. Volnek
Tween/Middle Grade

A Merlin-loving tween is thrust into magic mayhem when the gift he’s been entrusted to protect turns out to be the enchanted object detailed in a mysterious prophecy. 

The Realm of the Lost
by Emma Eden Ramos
Middle Grade Action Adventure Fantasy

What happens when you die before your time? 

The Mall Fairies: Exile
Book One in The Mall Fairies Series
by Conda V. Douglas
Middle Grade Fantasy

Teenage fairy Swoop risks everything to protect her best friend from being exiled from their shopping mall home. 

Animal Andy
by Kathy Sattem Rygg
Tween Fantasy Magical Realism
Through the magic of an antique animal carousel, a boy helps save the zoo and its animals. 

Bryn's Quest: The Search for Clun's Treasure
by Jan Milusich
Tween Fantasy Adventure
Harken back to a time of castles and quests, to join Bryn Cernwn in his search for Clun’s Treasure. 

In A Pickle
by Beth Overmyer
Middle Grade Adventure
As if angry nuns, and bullies weren't enough to handle, a time-traveling orphan gets caught up in a murder. 


Staff Master
by Daniel Paul Sandoval
Tweens/Young Adult
Enter the world of the stag, hawk, cat, boar, fox, and bear to discover the underground enterprise of stick fighting. 

Ghostly Clues
by Kay LaLone
Middle Grade Mystery
Sarah Kay follows Grandma’s ghostly clues to discover the truth. 

Island Danger
by Margo Sorenson
Tween/Young Adult Mystery Action Adventure
What danger will Todd find in the Hawaiian ravine? 

Reva's Quest
by Sue Perkins
Tween Fantasy
Reva and her garden gnome travel through the land of Fey to rid the magical world of the evil Malice. 

Rock of Realm
by Lea Schizas
Tween/Young Adult Fantasy Adventure
No one said being a teenager was easy...especially when transported to a place filled with family secrets that now place you in danger. 

by Sameena Bachmeier
oung Adult Historical Fantasy
Wishing for a change in the future can sometimes take you through a journey of the past. 

Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare
The Wickware Sagas
by Penny Estelle

Time Travel Historical Adventure for Middle Grade
Billy Cooper shrugs off a history assignment until he comes face to face with a 14th Century legendary hero! 

Ebenezer's Locker
by Anne E. Johnson
Middle Grade Paranormal Mystery
When Rhonda Zymler searches for a locker that isn’t there, adventure sweeps her into a mysterious past. 

At MuseItUp Publishing we understand the importance of offering quality books to our youngsters to continue to enhance their love for reading, and to flourish their imaginations.

Our questions to you, our readers, for a chance to win one of the two packages above:

1- What books do you believe children/tweens/teens love to read?

2- How do you encourage your own child or student to continue their love for reading?

3- What book genres would you love to see more of for children/tweens/teens?

Our two grand e-prize winners will be announced on May 27th. Delivery of the ebooks will be sent upon confirmation of winners' emails, so please make sure to come back and see if you're one of our lucky winners.

Lea Schizas


Marian Lanouette said...

Impressive line-up of authors and books.

Jambo said...

Awesome mix of some great books. We hope you have a great response to book week, cheers Julie Grasso

Anonymous said...

1. When I was that age, I loved anything fantasy adventure, and I also loved Nancy Drew books, but that was more in elementary school. My favorite for a long time was Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede.

2. I don't have any children or students yet!

3. I love the fiction that incorporates mythology, like the Percy Jackson series. I think when those are well-done, they're nice. I also think kids respond well to King Arthur stories!

Lexie Rising said...

1- Fantasy, adventure and mystery all seem to be really popular. I wish there had been more accessable fantasy when I was young but there are plenty now and I enjoy reading it!

2- Making it a priority and providing a good variety of reading material. I notice that when I read, they are more likely to read and show interest in finding new things to read.

3- Probably more intelligent mystery and more quality fantasy and science fiction.

GeorgiaBeckman said...

1- I was never a fan of fantasy as a child but it seems that children are really tuned into that genre these days. It may be because more is available to them. I also think that fantasy allows them to "escape" inside their book, more so than a regular fiction books with people, pets, towns & cars much like they are used to in their normal life.

2- We are grandparents to 14 wonderful grandchildren. We are lucky enough to have a library room in our house where we have created very cozy/comfy spots to lay, sit, read & get lost in a good book.

3- I would love to see more historical fiction. Something that will allow them to learn about a person, place or time in history, but with some added zing to keep them interested.

J.Q. Rose said...

1-Each of my grandsons have such varying interests, but they enjoy humor in their stories. I also have one boy who cannot get enough of non-fiction books about animals.

2-Even if the boys are tweens, I still like to read to them.

3-I would like to find stories without so much violence and contains a good message for them.

E.S. Ivy said...

1 - I think when kids read they are looking for a book that will transport them to a place that's exciting (or more exciting than their ordinary life), fun, and makes them hope they can be powerful (rather than powerless).
2 - We encourage our kids to read by letting them pick books they find fun. The more they read, the better they get, the more challenging books they naturally pick.
3 - I'm a big fan of fantasy, and my kids are too.

Unknown said...

1- What books do you believe children/tweens/teens love to read?
A. I think that they like to read books that pertain to things that are going on in their own lives and things that they personally enjoy.

2- How do you encourage your own child or student to continue their love for reading?
A. I allow them to choose their own books that interest them, they love shopping for books and as long as its within price range (and age appropriate) I have no problem getting them books! :)

3- What book genres would you love to see more of for children/tweens/teens?
A. I would like to see more nonfiction/history books geared more towards kids that make the stories interesting for their age groups.

qtksjkmommy at gmail dot com

Christina Morley said...

Samantha, my 12-year-old, is commenting:
1. Thrills, Humor, Mystery and Adventure, Murder, and a bit of Love.
2.I love reading, because when I read, I get sucked into the book and I feel the feelings that the characters have.
3.Books that don't sound like they are talking to a little kid (e.g. instead of using small words they can use words such as -> riveting, petite, delectable and uproariously). Genre: I like present-day fiction.
P.S. My daughter has access to library books at her school and our local library. I also sometimes buy books for my kids on birthdays and Christmas.
Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

MistyRios said...

1- My younger children love to read books that are well illustrated. My tween reads e-books but mainly fan fiction....and my teen...well he just doesnt read at all!

2- I love reading and I have always hoped that my children will as well. They each have their own book shelf and they are all full of books. We have 3000+ books in our home. I hope that is encouraging enough :)

3- I would love to see more true stories available for the younger audience as it will enable them to learn compassion.

Renee C. said...

1. My daughter really enjoys books involving real life situations with friends and she also loves books that have elements of magic and fantasy.

2. I'm not sure my kids need much encouragement - they are such bookworms. However, they love coming to the library or a bookstore to choose books that catch their eye.

3.I'd like to see more mysteries, more mythology, less violence.

Thanks for this FANTASTIC giveaway!!

Cheers, Renee

Be sure to check out our Kid Lit Question of the Day. This week we are talking about the category of books, YA.

Unknown said...

1- What books do you believe children/tweens/teens love to read?
In my experience, most kids love to read books with magic in them.

2- How do you encourage your own child or student to continue their love for reading?
We are all voracious readers in our house. We often tell the kids to turn off the tv, put down the ipod, etc, and read instead.

3- What book genres would you love to see more of for children/tweens/teens?
Not sure about this one.....