Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Youngest Angel

First and foremost, I would like to take a minute to thank all those folks who have given the ultimate sacrifice to allow me the freedoms I take for granted.  Happy Memorial Day!  You are not forgotten…..

Hey everybody.  My name is Penny Estelle and I am a grandmother of seven wonderful kids from thirteen to two.  All of them are different as night and day with their own little quirks and endearing qualities.  Let me just throw in here that with three brats of my own, two stepsons, and the seven grand kiddies, this is one of the reasons I write for the middle grades/tweens.  All one has to do is look and listen and you find material in every corner!

I would like to talk just about my youngest angel, Caitlyn.  She just turned two and she was born with Downs Syndrome.  My son and daughter-in-law knew before she came into this world of her condition and decided it didn’t make one bit of difference.    Sweet Caity had to have heart surgery at six months.  She was in the hospital for twenty-one days, and what a sucky twenty-one days those were.  Her mother, who is the picture of a cool head, never left her side and my son, who has never been know for his calm ways, was freaking out every day!  I thank God every day she came through the surgery great!

In my mind, she is about a year behind a normal 2 year old.  She is crawling and jabbers a lot, but besides mama and dada, words haven’t started.  The doctor wanted her legs to get stronger, so for her birthday I was trying to figure out some sort of contraption that would help strengthen her legs.  My hubby saw some specialized PVC pipe fittings for the making of a chicken coop, of all things, but he built her, what her mom refers to as her ballet bar, and she is standing and getting stronger everyday.  Thank goodness they put a mirror in front of it cause she either thinks she is one hot mama or she likes her new friend.  The jabbering doesn’t stop!

Caity's ballet bar
                                                                          * * * *

I will be forever grateful for MuseItUp for taking a chance on my series, the Wickware Sagas.  Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare is Book 1, and  Ride of a Lifetime, Book 2, will be out June 7.  

 A little insight on The Wickware Sagas

Miss Wickware is a 7/8 grade history teacher at Langdon Middle School.  Story on the street is real bazaar things happen in this classroom and fingers point to Miss Wickware, herself, as the prime suspect.  Is it witchcraft?  Is it magic?  Is she from another planet?

Most of her students think of her a nice old lady, passionate about history.  They say it’s just a bunch of bunk!  But there are some students who get nervous when the subject comes up.  They look everywhere but straight ahead.  They simply aren’t talking!

Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare

It’s Friday Afternoon.  Billy Cooper’s frustration grows minute, by agonizing, snail moving minute, as his last class of the day drags on. 

The last twenty minutes of class, old lady Wickware, his seventh grade history teacher, throws a wrench in his weekend plans.  Everybody in his class has to draw a name out of box and do an oral book report on the person or event drawn.

Billy has a full weekend planned that includes baseball practice and the new Matt Damon movie, but he isn’t too concerned.  Billy figures he will take ten minutes and get the scoop on this William Tell character, whoever that is, and that, as they say, will be that!  But when Billy finds himself outside of William Tell’s house, his attitude takes a whole different turn.

Ride of a Lifetime

Jim Abernathy is the new kid at Langdon Middle School - and a bully.  With the death of his mother and his father having to work two jobs, Jim has been on his own for the last year.  A new job in Phoenix is just what Jim and his dad need for a new start. 

His bullying is tested when he enters Miss Wickware’s history class.  The class must draw historical subjects out of a box and present oral reports on whom or what they have drawn. Jim draws Sybil Ludington.  “Great, another seamstress!”

Jim’s ideas about women in history take a whole new turn when he walks out of class and into the Eighteenth Century and the life of Sybil Ludington.

If you pre-order Ride of a Lifetime, you get a savings of 50 cents, PLUS a free copy of Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare.  TWO EBOOKS FOR $2.00!


KC Sprayberry said...

First off, your very special granddaughter is a love. I absolutely adore Down's Syndrome children. They have such a fresh and wonderful take on our world.

Second, Sybil Luddington is a favorite subject of mine, and one a friend, Donna Alice Patton, wrote about in an article for I believe History Magazine. Great way to show how powerful women were in history, Penny!

Suzanne de Montigny said...

What a wonderful device to help little Caitlin walk! She is adorable.

Penny's Tales said...

Thanks guys for stopping by and leaving such kind remarks. Kathi, I just happened along Sybil's name when I was doing some research. I had never heard of her and I thought, she would be a perfect character for the Wickware Sagas!

Unknown said...

Pen,you have such an amazing family and I am so fortunate to know them! I just introduced my friends son to your books and it was so cool to watch him read it and then come running out to tell us about it. I couldn't be a prouder friend. Way to go Jim, that ballet bar for Caity is awesome!

Penny's Tales said...

Thanks for that Min....All of it!

Marian Lanouette said...

What a beautiful little girl. Special need children bring such light and joy into our lives.

Penny's Tales said...

You are certainly right about that Marian. Thanks for stopping!

Mary Raimes Curtis said...

What a little beauty and the bars are a fantastic tool for Caity to become more mobile. Your books sound intriguing, Penny. I'm a million light years past my childhood, but that doesn't mean I have to deprive myself of a fun book.

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie! Cool idea for her ballet bar.

Beth Overmyer said...

Aww! What a precious little girl :) And how inventive of your hubby to come up with that "ballet bar" for her :)

Best of luck with your upcoming release! Both books sound like real crowd-pleasers!