Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet Kai Strand, Author of Beware of the White

Hi. My name is Terra. My book is BEWARE OF THE WHITE. It’s a middle grade fantasy adventure. In my book I get to do cool things like go to the Underworld, meet some awesome creatures and figure out how to thwart the bad guy, Blanco – leader of the death tribe.

It’s a really exciting adventure, but there are a few questions readers ask me again and again, so I sat down with my author, Kai Strand, to find out WHY I am who I am.

Welcome to the MuseItUp blog, Kai. Can I call you Kai?

Kai: Of course you can, Terra! And thanks for pronouncing it correctly. Most people want to say ‘Ky’ with a long ‘i’, but my name is pronounced with a long ‘a’ instead.

One question readers always ask me is what inspired Beware of the White?

Kai: The fascinating world of Harry Potter, actually. I’d finished reading the fourth book in the series and it was MONTHS before the fifth book was scheduled for release. I thought, “Why not create my own world?”

One thing that readers often comment on is how mature I am. Personally I’m super glad I’m not a boy-crazy, giggly twelve year old, but can you explain why I am the way I am?

Kai: I’m happy to. There are a number of reasons, but two in particular are the most influential. First is because you are a Nature’s Spirit. Or rather, without being spoilery, your heritage is a big factor in your calm and mature demeanor. However, another huge influence is the loss of your father at such a young age. I think trauma often forces us to grow and losing a parent is one of the biggest life changers we can experience.

Yeah, I’m kinda mad at you for that part of my story. However, you made up for it some with Frank. What inspired Frank?

Kai: You needed someone loyal to you. I know how difficult it can be to make and keep close friends when you are more mature than most of the kids in your grade, so I felt you needed to meet someone who was equally mature with a naturally loyal personality. Frank was easy to write for you. He’s the ideal best friend/crush.

He sure is. Will he and I work together in the future?

Kai: It isn’t the last readers have seen of him, but I can’t promise you will see him much. That is still to be decided. You’re frowning at me. I understand. It isn’t unusual for characters not to like their authors much.

Favorite Underworld creature?

Kai: That’s a tough one! Toss up between the Molly, the first creature I ever made up and an Archer – they were in an earlier version of your book, but had to be cut during editing. They are shiny and happy and bouncy and make rainbows and I wish they were real. What’s yours?

Probably the Traveler’s. They are so smart and each one of them has a great personality. Even the snarky ones. It was fun talking with you. Thanks for writing my story. I understand you are working on another. Can’t wait to see what trouble you cause for me next!

Kai: Thank you for the interview, Terra. 
When the electricity winked out, Kai Strand gathered her family around the fire and they told stories, one sentence at a time. Her boys were rather fond of the ending, “And then everybody died, the end.” Now an award winning children’s author, Kai crafts fiction for kids and teens to provide an escape hatch from their reality. With a selection of novels for young adult and middle grade readers and short stories for younger children Kai entertains children of all ages, and their adults. Visit Kai’s website,, to download companion materials for her books or to find how to contact her.


anne stenhouse said...

Hi Kai, Great to see someone following on and a lovely interview with your smart young man. Good luck with the books, Anne Stenhouse

Kai Strand, Author said...

Thank you, Anne and thanks for stopping by!