Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zak from the Vagrant Spirit

Zak: Well, the team captain of this crew asked me to conduct an interview, so I have the author who
created me here today to ask a few questions. Ms. Courtright…
… Rhobin, please. We were crewmates in a manner of speaking.

Zak: Only in that you sent Renna to the Vagrant Spirit. Oh, yeah, and you inhabited my mind a few times.
… You have a problem with that?

Zak: Actually no, since it saved our lives and kept the ship viable during our unexpected journey and afterward, but glad to have you gone from my inner thoughts. Still, having our private story, our weaknesses and personal quirks so publicly exposed was unexpected. I’ve been meaning to ask you, why did Renna choose me over my twin brother Jake?
… Well, Jake was captain so the ‘dom’ of your ship. Renna had enough of that type of relationship; but you weren’t a sub, neither were any of the other crew. You were more equals -- and you were someone whose relationship could lead her out of her former lifestyle, give her a place where she could belong. Besides, what’s your gripe? You didn’t even like her at first.

Zak: Oh, I liked her, even if she looked like some type of android. I just thought she would be serious trouble on an already troubled ship.
… She was.

Zak (sighing): Like all of our crew, her assets outweighed her deficits. It just took time for her to see she could fit in, and for all of us to see she what a perfect match she was—human, not misfit crewkin. So, Rhobin, why did you send her to the Vagrant Spirit?
… I’m a facilitator of sorts, and your ship needed help. I can't really say I sent her to you, the Markham Company, you know, was on a clean up mission, and I kind’a knew what they were up to.

Zak: Did you plan the changes made to our crew?
… Unforeseen benefit; I think you all did that, not me. I just meant her to get you out of the galaxy with that reclaim junk aka get-rid-of-the-evidence engine you were hauling.

Zak (sarcastic): Huh, really? That went well considering what the Vagrant Spirit became and where it landed us, didn’t it?
… (cheery) I thought so. You know you’re more like Jake than I realized?

Zak (clearing his throat): You mean carping and cranky? Maybe. Anyhow, thanks for talking with me, but I think we need to finish this off. If readers want answers about my story, they can get a copy of Crewkin.

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