Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ice Trekker - set to launch 13 September

ICE TREKKER, my first teen book, is released on MuseItUp Publishing on 13 September 2013. (Check out the awesome cover from MIU designer Marion Sipes.)

So, what's the story all about?

Ice Trekker is a teen fantasy, set in a far-off land, inhabited by friendly Grells and their not-so-friendly rivals, the ruthless Minax.

But the Grells of Hinderland are facing a bleak future.

Supplies of Blackfrost, their one remaining fuel source, have run out. Food is scarce, jobs are hard to find and worse … the greedy Minax are poised to invade from the south.

For the sake of his family, young Midge leaves home and treks north to the frozen wastes of Kr√łnagar, an uncharted land to the north, in search of work. Set upon by thieves, he ends up as dogsbody on the Ice Trekker, a small, shabby cargo vessel that runs into trouble from the start.

Despite evil omens in the sky, monsters from the deep, desperate sea battles, treachery on board and a constant war with the worsening weather, the plucky crew members press north …

But Midge soon discovers that the Ice Trekker is not what it seems. The crew has a secret mission to save the Grells – and Hinderland – from doom.

Trapped by ruthless Minax, he and the crew end up risking all in a desperate battle for survival as they take on a mysterious quest in the icy wastes of Kr√łnagar.

You can buy the ebook from MuseItUp Publishing here from 13 September, 2013. Now, there's a date to remember.

By Pamela Kelt

View the book trailer 

Read the inspiration behind the story

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