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Vicki Batman ~ Why did you Write about Fruitcake, Vicki???

Why did you write about Fruitcake, Vicki???
I may be one of the 10% who loves fruitcake. Really? Really. Truthfully, I like almost every kind of cake. I was in seventh heaven over my son's wedding cake.

But why write about fruitcake? Well, to convince you naysayers out there that it isn't so bad. And that there are lots of varieties.  For example, I found these on All Recipes:

White fruitcake
English Christmas fruitcake
Ice Box fruitcake
Jeweled fruitcake
Martha Washington's fruitcake
Christmas fruitcake
Boiled fruitcake
Christmas Wreath fruitcake
Barm Brack
Never Fail Fruitcake
Kentucky Bourbon Cake
Cherry Nut Cake

And…Fruitcake cookies.
LOL. Even I questioned the Boiled fruitcake.

Seriously, I sat down at my desk and said, "I'm going to write about fruitcake." I'd done this before when I wrote a story which included my grandmother's Tomato Cake.  I just took a topic and let 'er rip and here's what I wrote in "The Great Fruitcake Bakeoff":

            "I am not entering this year." I pinned an unbreakable stare on Bethany, my long-time friend. We were piddling over coffee in her cubical like we always did before getting to the nuts and bolts of company business. "Period."

            "Why not, Samantha? You should be proud to be the five-time winner of the Great Fruitcake Bake-off. You're a legend."

            "Is being a legend in the fruitcake world a good thing? It's exhausting finding the perfect recipe, then bake and exhibit it. Besides, shouldn't somebody else win?"

            Bethany's fists went to her hips. "Sam, we're talking fruitcake. It's not groundbreaking like, like the Declaration of Independence or...the Pyramids."

            "I'm shocked to hear you say that. Fruitcake is the cake of all time. It dates to--"

            She bobbed her head. "To the sixteenth century."

            I raised my finger. "It gets a bad--"

            "Rap." She sighed a soul searching blow of breath. "You always say that. You also always say you love participating; yet, you're not defending your title this year."

            "I've used up all of Grammie's recipes."

            "You could start over with the first confection you entered five years ago, couldn't you?"

            "It seems like a weird way. And I don't cheat."

            "You are a shining example of excellent values." Bethany drummed her fingers from the littlest to the index and considered. "I've got it! Why not check online and find a recipe?"

            "They don't call you brainchild for nothing." I rubbed a finger along the divot below my lower lip. A tiny speck of excitement blossomed within me. "I'll need a brand new fruitcake. I wouldn't want to be like Crazy Wanda who enters the same freakin' lump of dough every freakin' year."

            "It never hurts to expand your repertoire, even if it's by collecting fruitcake recipes."

Buy link for "The Great Fruitcake Bake-off": MuseItUp Publishing

I'm thinking you've had fruitcake and didn't even know it! So what is your favorite holiday baked treat?







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