Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 into 2014

After reading all the disasters and unusual deaths last year, I was rather glad to come out of 2013 alive, and somewhat glad the thirteenth year of any century only comes around once. It was never truer than it is now—the world is changing and certainly becoming a more dangerous place. Although, thirteen has never been an unlucky number in my family as my oldest sibling was born on Friday the 13. Some good things happened last year. I found if I put my mind to it, I could write a book in four weeks and not even be participating in NaNoWriMo. An idea arrived out of nowhere and insisted I write it. That had never happened before. At the same time, other projects have stalled, making me wonder if I suffer from ADHD. I don’t think I do; I think it is more a case of too many spoons in the pot. I have had amazingly good things come from my writing, such as becoming a community college adjunct professor teaching composition (non-fiction). They keep hiring me back, so joy! The great thing is all I have learned from the job and continue to learn.

I have so many stories on the back burner that my one hope (resolution) is that 2014 provides more opportunity to actually sit at the computer and write. Everyone who lives with me is laughing, telling me I already spend too much time there.

However, this time shortage is not because of lack of desire to write or writer’s block, but obligations like work and conflicting interests and desires like painting and gardening, exercising, and organize my life into some semblance of order takes time from writing. Now, I have been accused of being antisocial because I don’t want to take vacations or go visiting, but some of this is due to being an introvert living with an extreme extrovert and not entirely about trips taking time from writing. I also really sleep best in my own space and bed. At the same time as the anti-social allegations were made, I also heard I had to learn to say ‘no.’ It seems the many people and groups I do associate with have great use for my time. It might help if I were a pantser (by the seat of my pants) writer, but I’m not. I’m a plodder (many call it plotter). I have to think and organize, get to know my characters, and wonder what they are trying to teach me. Still 2014 could turn out an unique year. If you add the numbers in the year up, they come to 7. Seven is a sacred number, and in Tarot, it is the number of triumph. Seven is the only number between 1 and 9 that cannot evenly divide 360° or a circle's circumference, which also makes it unusual. I’m hoping everyone has an unusual, sacred and triumphant 2014.

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