Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions and 2013 Fond Memories

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2014 Resolutions and 2013 Fond Memories

My yearly resolution never changes: to do the best that I can...but this year I added to understand that negative people do not realize they are negative, therefore, it is of no use for me to constantly try and change or alter their point of view but to simply do what I do best: put on the motherly portrait of in one ear and out the other.

This isn't an easy thing to do especially when the one negative assault is compounded by the previous three hundred ones you've had to face that day and eventually you burst. This is why it's extremely important for me to try and avoid as many negative emotional input and allow some to float in and out with no connectivity to my nervous system.

2013 was a hard year for me on many levels:

it started off with New Years Eve having to place my precious Phiona in the hospital with her eventual passing, three days before my birthday. That was and continues to be the hardest emotional battle I still face. 

BUT...I vowed to begin 2014 on a high and positive note so I'll share one fond memory of last year:

my daughter's wedding on October 19. Not only because of the union but it brought my sister and her three boys to Montreal. My son had never met his cousins and he's 32. My twins hadn't seen them for 17 years...I hadn't seen them since the reunion was quite amazing and one we'll never forget.

Another fond memory was my oldest daughter finding and caring for a little kitten she eventually adopted...Simba. I always say there's a reason for everything. Simba was one lucky little kitten because he has gone through so many hospital visits, surgery, medications because of his MegaEsophagus problem that we're sure if she hadn't found him he surely would have passed away last winter. My daughter and all of us call him SIMBALICIOUS cos he's so bloody cute!!

There are other fond memories but unfortunately right now I'll stop only because going back into 2013 brings back most of the hardships and ugliness that year threw at us...I'd much rather look ahead and bury 2013 if it's all right with everyone.

Two seconds before midnight I turned to the right and said GOODBYE 2013 and then I heard the cheers from the TV signaling the entry of 2014...

On that note I'd like to wish everyone a joyous year filled with health and happiness...and by George a nice lottery win would be amazing too, right? LOL!

Lea Schizas

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Lin said...

As always you remind of us why we are all so fortunate to be here at Muse.

2013 has indeed been a difficult year...right up to and including new hits it decided to smack us with on the 30th and the 31st...but like you, the closer the witching hour came the more we determined 2014 holds only as much goodness as we allow ourselves to see...The same with 2013.

2013 brought me two books in my Christmas Miracles series releasing only a week apart. It brought Kat finally able to write two new stories now that she's settling in after our two moves in 2012.

It brought my deep honor and awe that so many of you allow me to read and review your stories.

2014 is an unwritten book with many pages to fill with the good...and I plan to have a LOT of good.

To one and all, Happy, Happy, 2014.