Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 Resolutions And 2013 Fond Memories

I started 2013 in the middle of edits for my first now published book. I was buzzing with the anticipation of seeing Sam and The Sea Witch available around the world.
I first of all got to know Nancy Bell. I loved working with Nancy and I learned so much from her. It made me realise that all my stories need a lot of work on them before they’re ready to submit. Jessica Naccari took big chunks out and informed me it was slowing the story down or not needed. Jess also found a flaw in my plot. I was well impressed with both my editors and it took quite a lot of reworking on my part to solve the problem. The book was so much sharper when we had finished.
Marion Sipe emailed me. “Hi, I’m your cover artist. Can you give me a brief outline of your story?” I wrote few words and she came back with a fantastic cover. It needed a few changes, but on the second pass it was finished.
I arranged a big party at our local club and invited every Tom, Dick and Harry including a DJ, live band and the Mayor of Warrington. What a top, top, night!
After that I looked forward to Sam and The Sea Witch in paper back. It happened on 23rd August. My lucky number. This was turning into the best year of my life, especially as my second book Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor was given a contract too. Thanks Lea.
I cut back on my physical work and concentrated more on my writing career during 2013. I started doing school visits, reading chapters from the book to pupils, getting in the local papers as much as possible and radio interviews. I’ve even signed copies of Sam and The Sea Witch in our local supermarket. My car has the book cover on the doors, and I also started edits on Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor in November with Nancy and Greta. Once again a great learning experience for me. Do you think I’m over doing it? Lol.
I was so pleased to see, not half as many edits needed doing on this book because I took what I had learned from the first and made the changes prior to submission.
So here we are in January. Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor was released on 17th January 2014. I don’t know about you, but I was concerned I’d be a one hit wonder. What a relief.
My New Year’s resolution is a boring one really. I'm sat on my backside much more these days, I've put some weight on in 2013. So I want to lose two stone before the end of the year 2014. I also want to submit my third book and learn how to better promote my books. Wish me luck!
MIU is a great place to be and I’m looking forward to getting to know all you MIU authors.
Thanks for reading
M.P. Ward

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