Friday, January 10, 2014

Relaxing my face

by Heather Fraser Brainerd

2013 brought many wonderful things for our family. My husband recovered from a health scare (nothing like a couple of aneurysms to keep life interesting). The oldest of our three sons turned 13 (our first teenager – yikes!). And, oh yeah, I published my first three books.

With all the craziness that 2013 sent our way, I decided it would be a good idea to give my 2014 resolution considerable thought. So after quite a bit of pondering, here it is: I resolve to relax my face.

“Huh?” you might ask. You see, I tend to be a bit… focused? Intense? Obsessed? Yup, obsessed. When I find a topic that grabs me, I research the heck out of it. Make the mistake of asking me a question on that topic, and I’ll talk your ear off. And through all my research and lecture-giving and general obsessive obsessing, I’ve realized that I tend to frown. Not in displeasure, mind you, but as a result of my extreme focusedness. (Yeah, okay, now I’m making words up. That’s something I like to do, too.)

In fact, here I sit, brow furrowed in concentration, as I try to craft just the right blog post to convey to you the intensity of my obsessive nature. So I’ll start on my resolution right now. And…relax my face.

That’s better.

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Unknown said...


Congrats on all the successes in 2013! I still find it ironic all the things we have in common (area we live in, I have a son turning 13 this year, YA author, etc.!)

LOVE your resolution and hope that 2014 brings you many smiles!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mary! Yes, we do have a lot in common. And I love your idea of meeting halfway some time - when the weather is better! :)

Susan Bernhardt said...

Heather, I love your new years resolution and I loved your blog!

Continued good health to your family, best wishes on your books. I just read your book José Picada, P.I.: Deception Al Dente and loved it.

Good luck with the teenage years. I'm glad I'm glad my sons are now in their 20's and 30's. Lol.

Curl up with a killer – Cozy Mysteries
The Ginseng Conspiracy by Susan Bernhardt

Unknown said...

Thank you, Susan! Next month, our middle son turns 13, so our years of having multiple teens will begin. It's a bit daunting, but so far so good. I must admit, they're sweet boys. :)

Heath Greenis said...

I should have made a resolution to relax my shoulders- Maybe next year : )
Great post - Loved Dream Shade
Heather G- Natasha's Dream

Unknown said...

That's a good one, Heather. I need to work on my shoulders next. Thanks for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

Great resolution, Heather. I gave up on my old frowning face a long time ago! Hope you treat yours to plenty of good things in 2014!

Unknown said...

I still plan on talking to you about Disney as our trip gets closer; should I reconsider? Are you going to overwhelm me with information? ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Helena. Best wishes to you for this brand new year!

Unknown said...

Eric - ha! Bring it on. Email me any questions you have - there's so much information out there, but hopefully I can help you boil it down to the essentials.

J.Q. Rose said...

Great resolution and new word--focusedness. Love that! Don't tell me you frown all the way through a Disney visit. Now that's the epitome of frowning and definitely you have to work on that! Good luck with keeping the resolution. Are you frowning now? Hope not!

Unknown said...

Hi JQ! Nope, I sure don't frown my way through Disney World. Although... I"ll be there next weekend and will be trying out the new FastPass+ attraction reservation system, which could lead to some brow-furrowing. Not out of unhappiness, but out of my attempts to understand the new system. I might have to keep repeating my "relax my face" mantra. That should earn me some odd looks! :)