Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Musings: January 12, 2014

Hey there, how was your week? As my dad used to say…hope it was a fun one. Well, he actually would say “have a fun day” instead of have a good day. Anyhoo, glad you’re back with us.

This Sunday we’re talking about resolutions, sorta. I saw an article title, something about not starting your resolution of quit smoking on New Year’s Day. Should start it the first Monday. Guess it’s supposed to take off the pressure of keeping the goal and not failing.

Today we're musing:

What resolution have you already broken…are heading to be broken…wish to break?

I don't make resolutions. I believe in setting low expectations for myself. That way, I can feel like a high achiever. Besides, if I don't really want to do something, I'll forget. If I think of some improvement through the year I'd like to make, I'll do it then. Why wait. I believe change should naturally evolve spontaneously from the inside once we become thoroughly tired of something. Only then quit.

I didn't make any resolutions for 2014. I thought about the usual- exercise more often, write more, read more, spend more time with my family, learn how to balance and juggle things better- but those are things I work on, and break, on a daily basis.

But, if I'd made that list, here's what I would have broken:

Exercise more, write more, read more

Heading toward broken:

Balancing and juggling things better

Wishing I could break:

I'd say this would be all, seeing I didn't make any resolutions to begin with! 

Hope you are all doing better with your resolutions than I am!!

Mary-Jean Harris author of the upcoming AIZAI THE FORGOTTEN

My broken resolution has been ongoing for the last few years, the resolution I make every December 31 in a hurry, which is to make better resolutions for the next year. So I’ve broken my resolution by not making any. Perhaps my next resolution should be to be make better resolutions for making better resolutions. And if that doesn’t work, I could make better resolutions for making better resolutions for… This is starting to remind me of something Einstein said: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Perhaps I had better steer clear of resolutions all together!

Dawn Knox author of the upcoming: DAFFODIL AND THE THIN PLACE

Slight Misgivings About This Year's Resolution

My new fitness band tells me how many steps I’ve taken and how much energy I’ve used each day. It even records it on my PC so I can chart my progress into the world of super-fitness. 

But how can I measure my New Year’s Resolution to be more positive? More positive than what? More positive than I was yesterday, when I couldn’t quantify how much positivity I’d achieved either?

I won’t give up trying to be more positive this year but it would make things a lot simpler if someone would invent a Positivity Band that I could wear on my wrist. Are there any inventors out there?

The one resolution I’ve already broken has to be limiting my Diet Dr. Peppers.  I don’t drink, smoke, or really have any other vices.  Okay, I do admit I have to have my Damon eye candy(The Vampire Diaries) every now or then.  But my Diet Dr. Peppers?  I confess I love them especially the Sonic ones that I get specially made that include: half diet Dr. Pepper, half regular Dr. Pepper, two shots of cherry, and a shot of chocolate.  I’m in heaven!  Anyway, what’s wrong with a little indulgence now and then?

Broken Resolutions.

 Writing my historical novels requires physical stamina and mental energy. On most days, excluding Christmas Day – and even then I have been known to sneak a look at my e-mails – I work for eight hours a day on the laptop, computer and reading books and magazines for research.

 My profession is sedentary so, although I did not make New Year’s resolutions, I decided I must walk round the green and or through the woods behind my house every day and go swimming regularly. It’s the 9th of January and I’ve only been for one long walk with my grandson. My excuse is the wind that lashed heavy rain against my windows, and the soggy ground. Ahem, pardon me while I clear my throat, I have no excuse for not visiting the health suite where I enjoy the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna and swim. I can justify this by pointing out that as well as the day job –writing - I clean, cook, shop, garden, frequently look after my grandchildren and attend a writer’s group once a week, but there really is no excuse for not exercising,
All the best,

Kenneth Hicks and Anne Rothman-Hicks, Coming Soon: THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM

On New Years’ Eve, our deliberations about possible resolutions went something like this:

“Anne,” I said.  “I’m really having trouble coming up with one.  I think maybe I’m already perfect.”

“You’re not perfect, Ken.”

“Well, sometimes I’m deliberately not perfect so that I don’t bring down the wrath of the gods for vying with them for perfection.”

“You have nothing to fear from the gods on that score,” Anne said, sounding somewhat weary.


“Here’s a resolution for you,” Anne said.  “Try to stop thinking you’re so perfect.”

“Wow! Great idea, Anne.  And just in time.  It’s midnight! Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Happy New Year!  And I hope we hold onto our resolutions a little better this year.”

“That will be a piece of cake for someone like me,” I said.  “Uh oh.”

Thank you, Musers.

And thank you, our friends, for joining us today.

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Have another fun week and see you next Sunday!


Beverly Stowe McClure said...

These are all very interesting. Remember, though, just because you might break a resolution or bend it a little, you can alway try again. Like in your writing, never give up. :)

I don't make resolutions cause I always break them. I set goals and try to live up to them.

ChrisChat said...

You got it Beverly :)