Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Musings: January 5, 2014

Welcome to MuseItUp Publishing’s first of many Sunday Musings. We’re here to share our tears, fears, and laughter. We hope you’ll join us every Sunday as we stop, think, and muse. 

It’s no coincidence we chose the first Sunday of this New Year, 2014. For many this signals a new beginning. A time for new habits. A time to walk away from the negative…and those pesky bad habits…and move to the positive.

A blank slate. A blank page. A time to pull yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps.

Join us as we share how we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps…

One of my resolutions for the new year is to try to write every day. So far this hasn't happened:) I have been preoccupied with my husband being in the hospital, though this shouldn't be used as an excuse. I had the time, but mentally I didn't think to write. 

I am working on a third YA novel and adding things to a finished ms. This is exciting because I want to change it. Yet I don't sit down at my computer and write. I check email and Facebook and leave:) So maybe I should not check them and just plan to work on my novel. Yes, that would be the best thing to do! I'll fill you in next week if I do it.

Maybe I should give myself a reward for writing. I don't know, but I really need to focus. Of course when I start to get my edits on the new book I'll be forced to focus. We'll see. Happy musings all of you:)

We all experience good times and not so great times, but regardless, each day is a gift. 

Time is precious so I like spend part of the day doing something I enjoy. 

Being creative, for me that includes writing, even if that is just jotting down a quick idea or a word or two. 

Given time, a variation of those words turns into a story. 

I began working full-time as a writer in 2013. In this, my first full year as a writer, I'll set a schedule, work toward consistent word goals and try to find the balance between writing and promoting. Book 2: AMACAT has been submitted to Muse and I'm well into Book 3: Steal It All, of the series Donovan: Thief For Hire. I'm writing better, but will strive to make every paragraph an improvement. 2014? Focus on character development.
This is exciting...


Here's what I do when my bootstraps need a good tug:

When life gets me down, I find the best way of forgetting my problems is to look at everything through the lens of a camera. I take myself off to London and look for the perfect shot. Of course, I'll never find it but the hunt takes my mind off whatever has been disturbing me. I photograph people watching people, people working and people having fun and by the time my feet are aching, I've forgotten what was bothering me. It's still there when I get home but somehow, it seems more manageable.

Many people harbour lifelong ambitions. Mine was to become a published historical novelist.

Years ago, while living in Kenya when two of my novels were accepted I was ‘over the moon’. Unfortunately, I did not know that if a publisher does not specify the date of publication in the author’s contract the publisher can hold onto the novel indefinitely and never publish it.

Disheartened, I continued writing bits and bobs with little success.

When we returned to England, my late husband encouraged me to write a new novel. Rejection followed rejection until an agent accepted me as a client. Unfortunately, may God  bless him, he died before he could place my work with a publisher.

My next attempt was successful. Tangled Hearts set in Queen Anne’s reign 1702 – 1714 was accepted by Enspiren Press. When the publisher closed I could have cried! However, I found the strength to continue with the happy result that Tangled Hearts has been republished as Tangled Love, and so have three more of my traditional historical romances, Sunday’s Child, False Pretences and Far Beyond Rubies.

My new novel, The Captain and The Countess will be published in February.

I count myself fortunate to have achieved my dream.

All the best,
Rosemary Morris

Kenneth Hicks and Anne Rothman-Hicks, Coming Soon: THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM

Anne and I write together, so our approach to pulling ourselves up by the old bootstraps and getting over whatever ails us may be a bit different from the ordinary.  For example, if I am feeling a little bit down and finding it hard to carry on, Anne might say, (in a very helpful manner, of course):
            “Ken!  You big oaf! Why are you staring out the window?”
            “I’m just not feeling it today, Anne.”
            “Get off your duff and start writing, or I’ll give you something to feel!” she says, brandishing a wooden mallet we keep close by for this purpose.
            On the other hand, if Anne is feeling down, it will go something like this:
            “Are you taking another nap?” I ask, looking pointedly at my watch.
            “It’s a really hard section I’m working on.  Really hard.”
            “I’ll introduce you to something hard,” I say in response, brandishing the mallet.
            Thankfully, we rarely have the need for these tactics.  In fact, in our forty-four or so years of writing together, we have never needed more than an encouraging word or a hug to get working again. 
            But the mallet is there, just in case!

Virgin surfaces in my study last less than a day before a flutter of paper or a discarded piece of computer kit starts the slow creep towards their more regular state as blousy matron. 2014 is going to be the year when I check this tendency. I've already begun. The 2013 blog tour diary has been taken down and the 2014 one with my Muse appearance on 22nd January gone up. The discard is NOT lying on a pile!

When I'm down in the dumps I use positive thinking and gratitude to feel better. I read over sections of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (or one of her other books) to switch my thoughts to positive. I also list--in my head or on paper--all the things/people I'm thankful for. It puts my focus on all the good in my life. 

This first Sunday of 2014 is a time to go forward with our writing goals and not look back at any rejections.  It’s a time to  not let any doubts cloud our goals.  No, it’s time for fresh ideas as we hit our projects.  I know I am.  How about all of you? 

Thank you, Musers.

And thank you, our friends, for joining us today.

If you have a question or comment you’d like us to muse upon, do not hesitate to contact me Christine Steeves-Speakman at

Have a fun week and see you next Sunday!


Rosalie Skinner said...

Good reading for a Sunday morning. Inspiring. New Year resolutions and everyday conflict on how to manage time, life and writing. I love the blank page and back in the day wrote long hand. It was always a thrill to have to start a new book, grab a new pen.
Transferring to computer began edits. There was always something to change.
Now, working on a laptop, the magic isn't the same. Perhaps going back to pen and paper might inspire the Muse on those dull days.
Great post. Look forward to next week. :)

ChrisChat said...

Hey there, Rosalie. I think you've hit on something (not with the mallet at least...altough, I think I'm going to get one ;)

I might just do the long hand writing, edit briefly to laptop, type on laptop should my hand get blah about writing, and switch between the two.

Thanks for more to muse on :)


Jenna Storm said...

Well, that was fun, I enjoyed hearing from fellow Musers. I feel motivated by all the positive resolutions. So many ideas going around in my head that I want to get on paper.

Thanks for sharing and here's to a wonderful, successful 2014!!!

ChrisChat said...

Totally agree with you, Jenna. Can't wait to see what we all come up with next ;)


J.Q. Rose said...

What a fun way to begin or end a Sunday or any day in fact as I am commenting on Saturday! So interesting to learn more about the authors by reading their musings of the MIU authors. Thoroughly enjoyed it this and looking forward to tomorrow's.

ChrisChat said...

Thanks, J Q!

We'll be here every Sunday...I would offer up the coffee/tea but my computer won't my hubby has had my coffee, he says no go ;)

Kim Baccellia said...

Great idea, Chris! I look forward to being a part of this every Sunday!