Friday, January 10, 2014

The Rule Book by Sarah Klouth

Charlotte’s investigation of The Rule Book leads her to question everything she thought she knew about her life. 

The Rule Book is rumoured to have been around since time began. This single binding is said to hold hundreds of rules that if followed properly, allow the reader to extend his or her life span.  The single most important rule is that the recipient may not under any circumstance expose the book’s existence. It is clearly written that if this cardinal instruction is ever broken, the reader will instantly cease to exist.
In the early eighteen hundreds, an investigative journalist named Jonathan Priest uncovered the truth of the elusive Rule Book and believed the world had a right to learn the ways in which they too could extend their life spans. Regardless of the certain death the book had promised he would face, he had his story published for all to see.  He died of supposed natural causes that very day.
In early 2008, a couple of established Hollywood producers researched the story of Jonathan Priest and The Rule Book and believed his mysterious death and the concept of The Rule Book would make a great film. After almost two years of hard work, the movie finally premiered. Once the credits rolled and the curtains shut, each and everyone who had worked on the film were dead.
After finding that her best friend—who had co-directed the film—had died quietly beside her at the London premiere, Charlotte Winter, a young and newly famous actress from Australia soon realises what she has to do and what she will ultimately have to sacrifice to reveal the truth behind this ancient cover up.

About the Author:
Sarah Klouth began writing novels at seventeen with the hope that one of her books would be turned into a film one day. After travelling to various parts of the world including her favourite city, Los Angeles, her love of film grew and she decided to study filmmaking and screen writing while still writing novels on the side. Now a qualified filmmaker and screenwriter, she is working on turning all of her previous novels into screenplays to see her dream realised. 

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