Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hi All...It's me, Lin...also known as L.J. Holmes, or when I'm in my hairy leg mode, Ladybug Lin.

I haven't popped over here to post  in a while, but I was minding my own business...SLEEPING, when my inner nuisance, NUDGE, let me know I needed to come in and spout, once again...Even though Nudge takes pride in all of us being lazy MUSERS, she doesn't want her and I to slip into a state of being "LAZY MOUTHERS"

So here we are...actually here NUDGE is because what follows are HER words as channeled through my fingertips to you when I really wanted to be sleeping. So any mistakes...blame her!

I am one of the glorious "LAZY" whose found a home among the equally dedicated lazy-ites here at Muse It Up Publishing. This is a posting dedicated to heaping all kinds of just due on those who do not hesitate sharing their slothful majesty.

Creating titles for our rich future epochs is truly a chore. We HAVE to be lazy enough not to try elaborating on the single word titles of exquisite laziness, while also hoping we'll be doubly blessed with a lazy cover worthy of our un-industrious inner selves.

So join Nudge, and me, in heaping tons of appropriate tribute on our fellow ambition-less champs...and just to prove I can be...industrious...shall I present this list in alphabetical order? (Please remember these titles are JUST from the meandering few books Ladybug Lin has done reviews for in the past...maybe...a year.)

Take a deep breath, stretch your body languidly upon a chaise, reach for a saucy Margarita and let's...veg...

ALPHABETICAL? So we begin with "A".
ASHES by Arlene Webb...easy for the lazy among us to remember. Luckily it has a cover good enough it burns the title's laziness into your inner gray cells for future recall. (The hint...big hint of the Phoenix...yummy for a title like ASHES.)

Excellent beginning...and since there's only ONE Lazy "A" among us not too hard on the allergic to industry among us.

On to the "Lazy B". (Sounds more like a halcyon ranch stretching out before us than a loafing off letter in the alphabet, doesn't it?)

In the Lazy B's, Ladybug Lin has reviewed THREE of Muse's most idle. 
BANYAN by Sameena Bachmeier. Nice. One word with enough twist to give hairy legs to the loafing off we all happily claim ownership of.
BOLD by Jillian Murphy...OKAY...the title's definition doesn't suggest "oozing along", mostly, but for our word titles...icons of fits.

BRIGADOONED by James Hartley...(Available in the Above Anthology) By one of our Muse It Up Publishing's most prolifically lazy authors. (I know that's a contradiction in terms, but true laziness is only displayed at its grandest by those who've had lots of time and inclination to practice it. Since this is not one of James' MANY Muse title, but one of his MANY OTHER titles...he does a LOT or practicing, for a slug.)

A Sea of Undulating "C's" 

Here's a fast recap for me, and a whole lotta...THREE indulgent C's to share.
CHASE by Larion Wills. The cover speaks of mystery doesn't it?
CORLISS by Heather Haven and isn't this a righteous lazy cover by exquisitely talented lazy at the top of her game Cover Artist Suzannah Safi?

CYPHER by S.G. Rogers with a cover worthy of her laid back persona, by Muse It Up Cover Artist Winterheart Designs, AKA, Lex Valentine.

The 3 "C's" bring our parade of lazy titles up to a total of SEVEN titles perfectly crafted to grab the attentions of the literary slugs among us.

"D"...a perfectly lazy letter for this perfectly lazy presentation. Think about it. What is a "D"...but an "O" someone was too lazy to commit to paper accurately. O-D...see?

Our Lazy "D", and yes there's only one so far, comes to us all the way from the hallowed lands of laid back waters, softly lapping ebb-tides surrounding the Greek Isles in the serene Mediterranean Sea...

DIOSCURI by Chrystalla Thoma. This book brings us sophisticated laziness. Gotta love it.

"E" comes an upside down horseshoe's collection of luck...empty. Probably a good thing since words like "effusive", "elegant" and "energetic" pop into mind with I think about the letter "E"...and they just don't scream "leisurely" back at me.


Remember that prolifically lazy author from the letter "B"...Well he's claimed "F" as another one of his own with a letter grouping that form a word guaranteed to bring a smile to lazy aficionados everywhere....and Boy Howdy did he get a cover worthy of his "F" word. 
FORTUNATUS by James Hartley with lazy Marion Sipe painting the driftwoody cover to coax us into more level of 

slug-in-a-rug laziness.
Our second Lazy "F" laid back enthusiast is Kat Holmes in honor of her book FROZEN has a cover that's half and half. The lower half is calm, cool, and meandering...but the top part...well, that can scare the bejeeburs out of you.  (For those in the know, there IS news coming to our halcyon world of Frozen and Kat Holmes stay tuned. 

"G"...were you aware our "G" is missing? Ah well, on to "H".

Some authors really embrace sluggery better than others, and Kat Holmes works the concept of "slovenly" quite well. 
HIDDEN...the cover like the title a gem in ongoing quests of lazy brilliance. Also, like Frozen about this title and author is in the near offing. Can you guess? Leave a comment if you can.

"I" and "J" are off playing Indiana Jonesy, sussing out the actions of "E" and "G" just in case they're guilty of overt laziness and none of us have caught on yet.

That brings us smack dab into the "K" land.

I LOVE this title. It's most assuredly an ingenious use of laziness with an equally delicious cover dedicated to the ongoing preservation of moseying images to catch the eyes of us, the lackadaisical reader.
KARMACK by J.C. Whyte...when one word titles have you wondering what the title means is it still lazy, or boldly ingenious? This is one case where I don't care. I SO love the marriage between this book and its cover. 

Where in the "L" is "L"?
Oh here it is; LEAPLING by Lisa Forget. When a one word title sets your mind off into flights of fancy, is it still lazy? And Oh MY...Charlotte Volnek's cover makes me want to hop onto the road and start wandering into the hazy, lazy moon set back there.
For "M" I'm in the mood for MINDER by Sandra Cox and another laid that a puma...cover by Charlotte Volnek. 

Since we're all here celebrating the lazy approach towards engaging, to quote Hercule Poirot, "our little gray cells" a title with the word "MIND" within it is...brainy.

"N"? No "N's" in on to the very dramatic 
"O" and OBSESSION by Sally Royer-Derr. Those they make you feel all cozy and warm?

I looked high and low and couldn't find any "P".

Okay I'm ready for a lazy "R" about you...BUT there's no "R" here, and I sent a scout up ahead...none up there either...

I guess it's time to take on "S's"

We've hit another motherlode of "S's" with THREE.

SEEKER from our happily languid Kat Holmes...the cover another work of fatigued perfection by Head Muse It Up Cover Artist Suzannah Safi. Does the "S" on the word SEEKER remind you of batwings?
STARCROSSED by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime. These stairs don't make me feel calm, cool, and lazy. Does the heroine look like she wishes she was a puzzle piece and could just lift right off the cover? I can picture tumbling down those ratty stairs too easily. Not sure the cover makes me want to slip into contended sluggery. But the title FITS.
To prove the reality of the little ditty the LAZE-BONE is connected to the Mama-Bone..even if it IS a hyphenated word, we have MOI...or your's truly L.J. Holmes weaving up to the Laziness plate with SUC-U, proving I AM Kat's role model of laziness.
"T" moves in to claim home plate with TRAPS also by Larion Wills..with Nika Dixon delivering deceptive laziness with this powerful cover.
"U" we're treated with this wickedly crafty laze-about UNALIVE by Cyrus Keith. Can "wicked" and "lazy" blend? Under the guiding hand of Cyrus Keith...ABSOLUETLY.
"V" has Janie Franz waving her hand around in merry melody with VERSES. Thank you you adorable tune slug you, Ms. Franz.
Finally...we have a "W" with WOUNDS by Barbara Bockman. 


22 flights of appreciated one word laziness for all the world to love thanks to those slugs at Muse It Up Publishing.

Muse definitely is making the read world stand up, maybe I should say BELLY-UP and take notice.

What will my next meandering celebration of Muse Authors, the titles they pick, and the covers connected with those picks be?

Want a hint?

Consider the word..."LAUGHTER."


Jim Hartley said...

While I am proud to appear in your "Lazy List," what you have seen simply does not do me justice. I went back and counted ... in addition to the two one-word titles you counted for me, "Brigadooned!" and "Fortunatus," I was able to count another twenty-one published stories with one-word titles. I managed to fill in several of your missing letters, too, with "Gralic"(sic), "Pumpkins," "Rain," and "Zebadiah" (betcha didn't expect a "Z", did you?). Hey, this kind of thing is fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a really fun post! Thanks, Lin. There's a couple of Muse books there I hadn't heard of, so I'm just going to check them out. Fabulous post!

Lin said...

Ahh Jim, you champion of all things lazy, I was only reflecting back over the titles I, Ladybug Lin, have reviewed over the past year maybe. I KNOW I will need ten reincarnation AT LEAST to touch the surface on your laid back writing style.

Helena. Kat said to me the other night how amazed she is by the fount of trivia she's got locked away inside her head...guess she comes by it naturally.

Gina Gao said...

This is a really great post! Thanks so much for sharing.

Heather Haven said...

What a clever, fun idea! But then you are filled with clever, fun ideas and know how to mount these ideas, as well. Thanks for including Corliss in the mix. She is my favorite protagonist of all my stories, a true survivor.