Monday, March 17, 2014

Flash 22: The Heart and Time

The Heart and Time
Rhobin L. Courtright

The young aide put the spoon to the age-shattered woman’s mouth.

Her cloudy eyes studied him. “You look like Justin.”

“My only love. Took a rocket into space… and poof… he was gone.”

“That must have hurt.”

“It did.” The past briefly haunted her eyes. “But the hurt healed long ago.”

“Take another bite,” he commanded. 

She did and sighed. “Time never waits, you know.” Soon her eyes closed as she fell asleep in her wheelchair. He lifted her into her bed.

“He returned my love, just a lifetime too late.” Justin turned off the light and left her.

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Cellophane Queen said...

Nice work in of time compression during long distance space travel. Will the non-SF folk get it?

S. Willett said...

Nice work - made my top ten.