Monday, March 17, 2014

Flash 7: Haunted

Grace DeLuca

“Our new home, Mabel.”
“I heard this house is haunted, Jake.” 

“Are you afraid of ghosts?” 

“No, but some are nasty.” 

“Out!” A transparent being attacked Jake, shouting, “This is my home!” 

“Oh, he’s a mean one,” Mabel cried. 

“This house is mine now.”  Jake bellowed so loud the chandelier rocked back and forth crazily.  Crashing down, it plummeted through the ghostly apparition, terrifying it into diving out the window, and tumbling down the hill. 

Jake doubled over laughing. “Mabel,” he said, “I haven’t enjoyed myself this much since before I died.”  

They floated up the stairs together.

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S. Willett said...

Counted in my top ten. Thanks for a fun read.

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Lots of fun:) I liked how you didn't tell us anything until the end.