Monday, March 17, 2014

Flash 9: RepubliCon

Heather Fraser Brainerd

Dax stood backstage, listening to his introduction. "Ladies and Gentlemen and Those of You Who Decline Such Designations, introducing the Republican Candidate for President of the Galactic Republic, DAX NEBULON!”

Stepping onstage, Dax gazed around the packed venue to screams of, “Frak yeah! Frak yeah! Frak yeah!”

Placards waved, bearing the slogan "Frak Yeah!" Dax knew that this wasn't an expletive, but a reference to one of the main components of his campaign platform: harvesting energy via hydraulic fracturing on outlying planets.

Leaning toward the microphone, Dax flashed a smile and said, “My fellow citizens, let’s start frakking Uranus.”

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1 comment:

Cellophane Queen said...

Oh no! The pun-ishment!

I love puns.