Monday, March 31, 2014

My Scriptorium by Stan Hampton Sr.

I live in a small complex for homeless veterans because technically I am a homeless veteran. Have been for over two years and one month and five days. My efficiency, I guess it is, is about four times the size of the corner of my tent when deployed 2006-2007. I have a square table on which sits my laptop and my latest printer. I use one side of my bed for an extension to my desk, which is kind of messy when I'm writing and have reference books scattered on top of an otherwise orderly and neat pile.

As for writing routine, I write when I write. Unfortunately, I do not have a daily routine. I keep telling myself to create a routine, but for now I write when the mood strikes me. Or when  deadline looms before me.

Stan Hampton's work can be found on MuseItUp Publishing.

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Wendy said...

I sounds like you are passionate about your writing, Stan. You make space for writing rather than having a writing space. That's impressive.