Thursday, March 27, 2014

Writing Snapshot - Writer/Editor/Reviewer Style

It's me. Your host for Sunday Musings; ChrisChat Reviews; Muse author Christine I Steeves; Muse editor Christine Speakman.

I'm also sharing my writing space and chaotic routine (what routine? I have a routine? I'm suppose to have a routine?)

Onwards to my cave...

First my actual desk then if you could turn around you would see behind me my reading corner and another area I like to work in.

 I know this looks a little busy for some, but for me I like having visual fun around me. I tend to stare off into space thinking and what's better than to have something fun to look at. Besides I find I'm more comfortable talking to inanimate objects than to blank walls.

Everything here keeps me smiling and reminds me to have fun. Oh, those sunset shots, yes I took them myself right out the window behind my keyboard. No, I can't play the keyboard, but that doesn't stop me from trying and having more fun.

The picture to the right...rounded door frames and hallways...I bought that at IKEA because it haunts me and makes me ask...where do they lead; who's hiding in the shadows; what would happen if...

The bowl under my screen...below the glass orange ball...contains stones and crystals. Not only am I a very visual person; I'm a very touchy-feeling object person.

The desk is my mom's. I'm fifty and she's had this desk since she was sixteen, I'll let you assume the age of it. Some have comment about restaining it. Nope, I like worn edges and tops. Little nicks and scratches. It shows the love and endurance.

Moving to my reading corner. The furball's perch, my stool for playing guitar...attempts at playing guitar. Pics from MICHAEL'S we had plak'd. My Nanny's chair...yes, it's like curling up with her when I was small and she would read to me. The CD rack holds drawing instruments...again I can't draw but I don't let that stop me. Along with my journal and other writing notebooks.

Next routine.

I don't think I have one, really. I tend to come here and wing it. Pretty much how I write my the seat of my pants. I know what needs doing by when, but what needs doing even before that. And if I get stuck or mind-blinded by one item, I move on to a new item. Mornings are normally good for emails as they can take the most time. From about noon or one to three I tend to edit or read or blog. My alarm goes off at three to remind me to pick up my daughter from the bus LOL. Then I might be back up here five-ish or six-ish for a bit...more edits. More reviewing.

Personal writing...if we're talking my own fiction, well, uhm, yeah,  that's a whole other ballgame and one I'm starting to cover on my own blog. Let's just say I'm my own worse enemy on that confidence level.

It could appear so easy to get so much done because I'm a stay-at-home-working-from-home mom, but it's not. Family life and life in general makes the same demands on me as out-of-home-working moms and dads and non-parents. There are interruptions from well-meaning people who don't have the experience of what working from home is pretty well trained.

Then there's my own guilt. Maybe I should be out there working. I should have the house perfectly spotless cause I'm home. I'm working? This is working...doesn't feel like work, so I must be doing it wrong. I must not be doing it correctly, better recheck. Am I spending enough time working? I've been sitting how long at the computer...dang no wonder my butt's asleep and I have to pee.

Would I change anything?  Nope, nada, never! Are you crazy? I love every single second of this creative madness. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more edits to finish and then review blogs to update and there's a story creeping in my head and...


Marsha said...

So funny, Chris. I so identify with you about being the stay at home Mom. Well in my case grandma. People say, you must have so much time. You're retired. Well, yes, but I work and I choose to spend my tme here at the computer. It's very detrimental to my body. But I love playing with words on my blog and others's, keeping up with folks far away on FB (truthfully not so much Twitter, but I have a friend who insists that I do, so I do. LOL) And either, writing the new work, editing the old one, or planning for the following one. It's tough for me to focus on all of that at once. So I make lists. I have to have a deadline or it doesn't get done. Loved this post, Chris. Love the pictures, too. :)

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Your writing room looks very inspirational. I too have stuffed animals and photos and other items to look at while I'm writing. You never know when one of them might appear in a story.

A comfy place to read too.

ChrisChat said...

Thanks, Marsha.

I should have added that I am spoiled. My mom lives with us, so I have the benefit of having her here to do things with and for CL (my daughter) like make her school lunches and even suppers, when I'm caught up in work.

And, yes. This is our choice on what we love to devote our time and energies...and body to.

Glad you liked the pics.

Talk soon.


ChrisChat said...

Hi, Beverly.

Thank you. Yup, there's been a few inspirations from this cave least a couple of paragraphs. LOL

The chair's in a great place...full sun comes streaming through and I can people watch from the long as the furball allows me to use the chair LOL

Talk soon


Unknown said...

Love your work area. Mine's currently buried behind hockey equipment (after tryouts for next season are over, that will change, until July, at least :-) )

Thanks for sharing!!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your space, Chris. I love it! And as a stay-home mom who also tries to write/market full time, I can totally relate! This week, my work has been hampered by a stomach bug...and all the cleaning/laundry that goes with it...sigh...

Dawn Knox said...

What a brilliant space, Chris. I have to admit, I'm now compelled to tidy up my space after seeing yours! At the moment in UK, people are posting selfies without makeup on Facebook to promote Cancer Research UK (not sure if this has spread to the rest of the world). I think taking a photo of my work space and sharing it would be just as painful. Actually, it would probably be worse!

Jolie said...

I personally find it harder working from home, because no one thinks of it as work and everyone feels they can interrupt at will...especially the kids.