Monday, March 17, 2014

Writing snapshot

So, our awesome leader Lea invited us Musers to stop by the blog to share a picture of our desk and info on our writing process/schedule. Behold my elaborate set-up:

Um...yeah. Not so much a desk as a spot at my kitchen island. I have a guest room that only gets used once or twice a year. It would make a lovely, writerly office. But I like my island. For one thing, it's close to food. Notice my lunch (complete with a box of cookies!) in the picture. Plus, the island is pretty much in the dead center of the house. That means I can hear EVERYTHING that goes on around me. This is important when you try to write with three kids and a dog in the house. You never know when a peacekeeping mission might be necessary.

Also in the picture, you'll see my Nook. Sometimes I need a break from writing/promoting/etc, so I read. What isn't in the picture is my iPhone. You know, 'cause I took the picture with it. But it's always with me.

Okay, that covers my "desk." Now let's talk about my writing process/schedule. Well, let's see, today was a pretty typical day. It went something like...

Up at 6 AM. Oldest child is sick. Middle child almost misses the early bus. A while later, the youngest DOES miss the bus. Okay, let's drive him to school. Rush home and throw in a load of laundry, and then go to the store for milk and bread a few other essentials. Come home and walk the dog, do more laundry, work out, all while intermittently checking on sick teenager. By now the middle child is home from school and needs homework help. Then the youngest gets home and... you guessed it, needs help with homework. Wow, when did fifth grade homework get so tough? Okay, focus, if you put everything else aside, you might have an hour to write before it's time to start dinner.  And... go!

With the pace of my life, I guess it's no wonder that I'm a classic pantser. And I love every minute of it!


Anonymous said...

What a great place to work, Heather! I admire your writing output in the midst of looking after everyone. I only have one dog, and find her enough of a distraction!
I was telling my writers' group about your novel Deception al Dente yesterday, and they loved the sound of it! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Helena! Word of mouth is so important, isn't it? And I often feel like I'm writing in the eye of a hurricane, but I really do love it. When all the boys are at school, the house is far too quiet. At least, until the dog starts barking at deer out the window!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

You are amazing, Heather, and I'm exhausted reading about your busy days. I admire authors that find time to write with children in the house. It's been years, but I remember how my three boys kept me hopping. Today, it's just me and the cats. We salute you. :)

Unknown said...

Why, thank you, Beverly! Not every day is as crazy as the day described above...but a lot of them are! And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)