Monday, April 7, 2014

Writing Workspace: Susan Bernhardt Style

 Hello everyone. I'm Susan Bernhardt, the author of the cozy mystery The Ginseng Conspiracy and this is where I write at home. I sit on the sofa with my laptop and type away. I have a wall-sized window where I can look out over our neighborhood or watch the birds build nests in our yew tree in the spring. I have a little make-shift side table, a Red Wing crock where I keep my teacup filled throughout the day. When I'm not watching my carbs, I often have a scone sitting next to the teacup slathered in lemon curd and clotted cream.

By the way, I made both of the stained glass lamps in the photos. The one on the table was my first project. I've made
many lamps since, but it is still my favorite. While watching a rerun of Knot's Landing, I saw a lamp on the program that I loved. I quickly recorded the show, and the floor lamp that you see is the result. 

I really can write almost anywhere. When on a car trip, I write in my car. I started my second cozy mystery in the Kay Driscoll series on a plane flying across the ocean. 

We are building a sunroom on to our kitchen which will be done in a couple of weeks. I thought perhaps this would be my new writing space, but with all the windows, I may not be able to see my computer very easily. 

Although I mostly read mysteries, I also love other genres. Here is a photo of me in my writing space reading an adventure my sweet grandson, Corbin.



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Marsha said...

You are so much neater than I, Susan.:) Looks very inviting.

Susan Bernhardt said...

Thanks, Marsha. Of course I made sure everything was picked up when I took the photos! :)

Unknown said...

Love your space, Susan, and those lamps are amazing! I used to watch Knots Landing. Do you remember whose house the "inspiration lamp" was in?

Susan Bernhardt said...

Thanks, Heather. I'm sorry, I can't remember whose house on Knots Landing "I borrowed" this lamp from. But I loved the lamp the second I saw it. Those were in the days of VHS and I quickly put the tape into the recorder. I loved Knots Landing and watched all the episodes.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

What a lovely place to write. A beautiful view for inspiration. You're not only a writer but you make stained glass lamps too. Very nice.

Susan Bernhardt said...

Hello, Beverly. Thank you for your very nice comments. My writing space does have a great view. I've watched birds in their nests. The yew tree is about a foot from our window so everything is up close. :)