Monday, April 7, 2014

Zen Workspace by Jolie Pethtel

To be honest, I spend most of my work time in the sitting cross legged on the couch balancing my laptop on my knees. The living room is kind of the hub of the house, where I can keep an eye on what all the kids are doing and get my work done at the same time. Still, when I get the chance I love to
escape to my sanctuary. Translation: bedroom/office. I have an L shaped desk with attached hutch where I can write in peace. I used to have it in the front room, but my kids kept spinning in the office chair, not caring they were scraping off an entire layer of wood veneer or whatever it is they use to stain desks that pretty expresso color. 

            My workspace area is usually cluttered with binders, notebooks and lots of stuff I cleaned up before taking this picture, especially since I do first drafts in pen. I’ll only use precise v5 pens, preferable purple, because they have wonderful flow and I hate the blobby stops and starts of cheap pens. I have a white board on the wall that I’m determined to use for storyboarding, though I’m basically a pantser rather than a plotter and above that a ghost writer caricature I got done of myself at Indy scream parks last year. 

I collect tarot cards, which are great inspirational tools and right now I have a thing about ravens because feature in a story I’m working on, so I’m collecting those too. The battery operated flameless candles set a zen mood without the risk of my kids burning down the house. I used to have a newton’s cradle, but my little weapons of mass destruction tangled it up in knots. It’s really hard to get into the flow of writing with so many distractions, particularly the children constantly yelling for mom to handle this or that. 

Truthfully, I get most of my work done late at night after they’re all asleep. Given my husband works the night shift, we both tend to keep vampire hours and sleep while the kids are at school. Now that my youngest is in Kindergarten I’m finding it much easier to get things done with my current system. I could work while they’re at school and sleep when they do, but I guess I’m nocturnal at heart.

Jolie Pethtel, Author of the Jezebel Jinx Mystery Series


Jenna Storm said...

Nice post! I also work on couch but when kids are at school. Can't focus otherwise: )

Meg Amor said...


What a great post. I love the tarot cards as inspiration. I have 2 packs. I'm also a night owl. I sleep during the day and don't become human until around 5 in the afternoon. I write best at night when I feel most on and alive. I usually go to bed about 5 in the morning. I use to read the 'how to write' books and think. Oh my god. I'll never manage this crack of dawn writing stuff. Lol. Now I realize that writing in my best time is what it's all about. Not the perky annoying morning peoples routine. Lol.

Thanks. I enjoyed that. Aloha Meg. :-)

Wendy said...

I like the atmosphere you have created in your post and in your home. This is sure to come through in your writing. I agree the tarot can be inspirational in our writing. I've used them in my novel, too.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Your workspace looks very comfortable to create your stories. I think most people write when it's convenient for them and/or when they have the energy. Thanks for giving us a peek at your writing place.