Monday, June 9, 2014

Aussies' love for the Soccer World Cup

With Soccer World Cup fever mounting, and the first match due to begin on June 12th between the host country, Brazil, and Croatia, it's understandable the eyes of the world will focus on twelve cities across Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. 

I'm guessing Australians will be the most focused of all the fans in all  participating countries. You see, not only do we love soccer, we also love to cheer for the under-dog, and by heavens we sure do fit this role now.

FIFA Rankings has Australia dead last in the rankings, at No. 62.
No sweat, I say. This is  the ideal place to be. Only one way to go and that's up. Well, perhaps two ways to go; we might remain in the same place, but we certainly won't be going down.

Aussie fans will think positive on June 13th when Australia faces Chile which is ranked 14th.

On June18th, Australia plays the Netherlands, ranked 15th.

On June 23rd we meet Spain which is ranked 1st in the world.

No wonder commentators dub Australia 'the World Cup's unluckiest country' and bookmakers give Australia odds of  0%.

But I think we are the luckiest. The Socceroos get to play the top teams right at the start. And, Aussie fans get to watch our team with the elite, playing first class soccer. We love the 2014 World Cup Brazil.

So the odds of a win are stacked against us, but what if...

What if the Socceroos are really as good as we believe them to be?
What if they work as a team and find the energy, speed and accuracy they once had?
What if the Aussie fans have a strong enough faith for a miracle?
What if the Socceroos beat Spain?

It's not impossible. Someone once said, ' the last shall be first and the first last...' Matthew 20:16

The Australian underdog could well prove to be the dark horse of the 2014 World Cup Tournament . :)

And speaking of  an underdog who comes out on top, here is a soccer game  my granddaughter and her Pa enjoyed with Spitzli.

'Spitzli, this is a soccer ball. I have possession.'

'When I kick it, you must keep the ball away from Pa. Okay?'

'Go Spitzli, go! Go girl, go!'

'Game over! I'm in possession, now.'

Wishing everyone an exciting time watching their teams perform in the  2014 Soccer World Cup.

Wendy Laharnar
MuseItUp author of The Unhewn Stone; Billy the Bonsai Bull; Happiness Guaranteed; A Summer Squall.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous Spitzli! What a great post. Soccer world cup time. Is Spitzli set to stay up at night watching?
She might be able to explain the finer detail of the rules to me.
She has such a brilliant personality.
When will she make an appearance in your books, Wendy?

As you say, Australia struck out with the draw, but hey, our team will do their best and they will have a heap of support from down under. Aussies always go for the underdog. :) The game isn't over till the final whistle. So, lets hope for the best.

Wendy said...

Good idea, Rosalie. I'll let Spitzli watch our first game (Sat 8:00am AU time)

Since you mentioned it, I've been giving thought to writing Spitzli into a story. It's not easy to create conflict for those you love, is it? And with no conflict there's no story. So, it will have to be a very short one. I've noticed that a lot of things people write actually happen and I'd hate Spitzli to get lost.