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Sunday Musings: June 29 2014

With our Muse family being world-wide we have some (like me) starting the summer season and others heading into winter. I know my work habits change with the seasons. The time of day I work best changes.

I even crave different entertainment.

So, I just have to ask...Does your reading choices change with the seasons?


I'm going to answer this a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I know there are at least a few other educators who'll relate to this.  My reading changes drastically in the summer.  In the school year it seems like I'm always reading papers and scripts.  I can get through an average of about a chapter of fiction every other month.  Then in the summer- woo hoo- READING and WRITING time!  So, for me, it sure does change!

My reading habits don't change by the season but, rather, by whether I'm working on a book or not.  If I'm writing, I read only research material (which I love).  I don't stop buying books, of course, so when the latest creation is finished, I just about inhale all those interesting additions to my library and some old favorites as well until a new idea strikes.

My reading usually only changes based on if my mind is too filled with other things. During the summer, I read "hard" books that I'll want to think about a lot, or just books that are really detailed, but during the school year at university I'll be doing lots of other reading so I'll read more easy fun books. Different seasons don't really make me read different things: I usually just take the next book on my overflowing "to read" shelves (yes, there are more than one) that sparks my interest at the time.


Summertime for me has always been about fun and relaxation. And BOOKS! As a kid, I would spend my entire summers reading in the backyard or while visiting my family in Croatia. When I became a teacher, summer vacation meant more travel and adventure. I definitely feel like my reading choices change with the seasons- my summertime book choices are always lighthearted, easy reads with lots of humor. (Perfect for a vacation on the beach!)

This is a great topic for us, because one of the first things I learned when I started writing is you need to read. I try to read in my genre if I can, but I alternate with adult books. Season doesn't make a difference to me. 

That is unless I am writing. Then if I am writing a new story I don't read anything. I like to keep the characters' voices. I am influenced by good writing. So I save it for after I am finished. I haven't written much new except for poetry so I have read a lot. 

I love real books, but I sometimes read ebooks on my IPad and computer. Whichever is closest to me. 
I love to read the books of other authors I meet or know from online.

The change of seasons doesn't affect my reading taste.

My favourite books are emotional. They bring a tear to my eye. A good deep read that makes me think. 

I enjoy books with strong characters and a good plot. Books that stay with me, long after I finish reading them. 

Occasionally I need a break and will pick up something light and fun.

DAWN KNOX, author

As soon as I start reading a book, I'm transported to the world of the story, so if I ever want to escape the winter snows or summer sun, I know what to do.

But the English seasons are so variable. If we have winter snows, they are over in a day or two and in all likelihood, it will then be rainy and grey. And the summer sun is here today and gone tomorrow and the day after and probably the day after that! So I rarely find the same conditions outside when I've finished a book as when I started.

It's probably just as well my reading choices don't change with the seasons or I'd have lots of books on the go at the same time and I wouldn't know where I was!

I tend to read the same kind of books year round, but there’s one thing I have noticed. Texas summers go from mild days with soft breezes and invigorating rain showers (in June) to hot-as-hell days when the air smells like a hot iron against a cotton shirt (in August). Whenever it gets that bad, I dream of the fragrance of the air just before it rains, the subtle change in the weather signaling fall’s approach, winter clothes and stew bubbling on the back of the stove. I find myself gravitating toward books set in dark, mysterious places where it’s winter and snowing, places where characters can watch their breath frost the air while they warm their hands before a roaring fire. I like to lower the thermostat a few degrees and pretend I’m with them for a little while.

Dear reader, thank you again for joining us and we’d love to hear from you. Keep smiling and have a fun week. Never stop believing. See you next Sunday…nothing better than being cozy in bed with some Musings.

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