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Sunday Musings: August 2 2014

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Prompted by Meg Amor:

We've visited our past and future selves, and as noted our words are pretty similar.

As Meg offered, maybe what we need is a reminder on our birthdays to bring all these positive thoughts back to us.

What else do we need on our birthday?  What do WE need to do/give ourselves on our birthday?

Pamper ourselves
Turn everything off
A day to cry and laugh over our life's memories
A treat
Run naked through a sprinkler
Pat on the back

Silly or serious...go for it

MEG AMOR, author

...had to talk her into letting me keep this one

Snorting with laughter over the running through the sprinklers bit naked. I love the idea.

I imagine my neighbors peering out their windows at three in the morning.

'Clyde, Clyde, wake up.  There she goes again! That mad woman from 86 who talks to all the cats like they're naughty children. She's running through the sprinklers again. Clyde! Do something!'

'She's probably hot, dear. Go back to sleep,' sighs the long suffering Clyde, drifting back to sleep.

'Yes but she's naked this time.'

Clyde sits up instantly in bed.

Lol. This isn't my comment. I'm just being a loonie. :-)

* * * *
 (serious now)

Aloha Chris and everyone :-)

Another interesting question and some great answers.

I think I want to manifest it, so every birthday from now on, I can fly my nearest and dearest into somewhere fabulous for a week. And just celebrate. I did that for my 40th birthday and it was so nice. Everyone came home to Hawaii for a week. My parents and sister flew up. One of my best friends Kath and her partner flew in. And my best friend and twin soul Donnie came. Gails was the only one missing. But it was gorgeous.

We rented a beautiful townhouse down in Keauhou Bay on The Big Island. Every day, Donnie got up first, made coffee. Some days we got American donuts for my family. My dad moaning, "I'm not eating those rubbishy sugary American junk for breakfast." Then eating half the box. LOL. We'd all sit around on the lanai and talk and talk... (my family, none of you will be surprised—are 'donkey dismemberers'— they can talk the hind leg off a donkey and both its front legs too!)

Donnie would get fed up with us and have a swim. Kath and Bill would arrive around lunchtime. Then we'd all go off to the beach or snorkeling. Dinner every night somewhere fabulous on the island.  Then back to the lanai for more drinks and rambling talking into the wee hours.

I would do that every year. Each year somewhere different. Tahiti, home in Hawai'i, Greece, The Maldives, France, Thailand. Gather some of my nearest and dearest and just enjoy each other for a week.

I enjoy my birthdays more as I get older. I was burnt just before my first birthday on my arm and was in a burns unit for six weeks in New Zealand. Back in the dark ages in the 60's of allopathic medicine (still not much better in NZ in some ways,) and I picked up a lot of limiting beliefs around that time. Fixed most of them with NLP now. (I know, I need to send you an explanation Chris!) :-)

So I spent my first birthday in hospital in an isolation ward. My mum brought in all my birthday presents, but I couldn't touch them because of the contamination. So she had to take them all home again. I spent years being subconsciously 'thingee' about my birthday until I fixed some of the patterns from that time.

Now, I don't cross people off my Christmas list if they forget my birthday. LOL.

I usually enjoy it. I like spending it with friends best, eating and drinking and yes, talking... LOL. For a gregarious loner, this actually would be a nice present to myself.

I have nothing dramatic or funny to say about this one.  For my birthday, I like to dress nicely and go out for lunch or dinner with my brother.  Actually, the day is stretched out over at least a couple of weeks as I get together with various friends.  Telephone calls and cards also figure prominently in the celebration.  Best of all are the inevitable conversations about past times shared with wonderful people. 

(ChrisChat...What I like you take time to celebrate. Have known some who don't even take time to celebrate their b-day.)

Ever since I was a little girl my birthday was always a problem for me. It falls in the middle of summer and so I was always away at camp with all of my home friends away too. So I wound up celebrating with an entire camp. If you know what summer camp is like you know that the tables are usually picnic tables they cover with paper tablecloths and the food is definitely not gourmet. So my dinner was never what I would want it to be. After dinner they would bring out this huge sheet cake for my whole table and sing Happy Birthday to me. Most of the time my parents couldn’t be there, but occasionally they were there and it was much better. After the singing and the blowing out of the candles they would cut the cake at the table and then all of a sudden I had a lot of new friends. Kids from other tables would crowd around and hope that there would be pieces left after the whole group had them. For a few minutes I felt like a rock star, but then it got crazy and when it was over it was first come first serve.

That’s why when I got older I always treasured my birthday. For me it was the one day in the year when I had the right to do whatever I wanted to do. When my kids were born we always celebrated their birthdays a lot. Then, because people’s schedules were so crazy, we started to celebrate birthdays on more than one day. So if the birthday landed on a weekday we celebrated until the end of the weekend. We called it Birthday Week. Also for the reason that when my husband came home it was too late and the kids were in bed, I started something called Birthday Morning. I would decorate the chair and the child’s place and make a banner saying Happy Birthday to whoever’s birthday it was. I would make their favorite breakfast food and we would lay their presents in front of them. There wouldn’t be a cake, but we would sing Happy Birthday. That way my husband could participate. At night we would have a cake or if he couldn’t be there we would have another cake the next night.

Sometimes we had elaborate parties including one year renting a pony for pony rides and having a piƱata with all of the relatives and friends who could make it. My kids had a lot of sleepover parties too! Each year we had a different theme for the party.

As you can see birthdays are really special to me. Now we just go out to dinner and then have a cake. Sometimes we have the cake custom made and sometimes we just have Happy Birthday written on it. We have both ice cream and buttercream cakes and sometimes especially for my daughter’s birthday two years ago, we go all out. When it’s a major birthday we do that. I don’t think about how many birthdays I have had, because I never feel like my age.


 When I was little I had the idea that there were two new years:  New Year's Day and my  birthday, August 23. I have a sister two years younger, and her birthday is a week after mine. We spent summers in Connecticut, and we had the same friends. We insisted on two separate birthday parties. Loads of fun for us, but it probably drove my poor mother crazy.

Now my favorite thing to do on my birthday is go out to eat.

DAWN KNOX, author

I've given up celebrating my birthday. It's not an age thing, it's just that my special day comes three days after Christmas and two days before the New Year's Eve celebrations. After the big build up to Christmas, then the festivities themselves, it's rather nice not to do anything on 28th December and although my husband always makes a fuss of me, it's a relief to eat normal food in small quantities and just relax.

So, what do I need on my birthday? A different date would be nice!

In fact, my friend allows me to share hers, so I often celebrate on 21st May!

I never know what's going to happen on my birthday, because my husband and I have this agreement. I get a day to do whatever I want (aside from absolutely necessary things like work, etc.) Some birthdays we go out to eat at a fancy place that serves "girl" food; sometimes I ask him to pick up subway sandwiches from Sonic. We might go out to the movies or we might rent one on cable. I might spend the day watching old movies. I might read an entire novel. I might indulge in a massage. I've even been known to spend the day in my pajamas while writing. I don't do anything I don't want, just what I so want and I get to decide. It's lovely.

Dear reader, thank you again for joining us and we’d love to hear from you. Keep smiling and have a fun week. Never stop believing. See you next Sunday…nothing better than being cozy in bed with some Musings.

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