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Sunday Musings: September 14, 2014

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Hope everyone's had a great week. We're sticking with the musing of books and movies. Last week we were sharing books that should never/not have been made into movies.

This week the question is: Which book SHOULD be made into a movie? Which books were better as movies? You'll find we still love our books over the movies.

Me? (forgive me, please) I've never been above to get through the Lord of the Ring books, sorry they just don't work for me. However, I LOVED the movies.

I don't really go to movies very often, but several that I have seen over the years come to mind.  JAWS is one.  The book was dreadful.  My main complaint is when the story is changed in the movies.  I loved THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy in film.  However, I have read (and reread) the books, and I have a complete audio recording of the trilogy.  The alterations are readily apparent.  I'm not talking about the necessary paring down and editing out of unnecessary scenes but rather actual deviations from the characters and events.  Good as the movies are, these changes hurt rather than help it.

(ChrisChat...will have to try the audio. I dislike not liking a book. Thanks Pauline)

I love action-packed with a plot.  Some action movies are just action - those should NOT be made into movies.  I love to be intrigued.  Minority Report is a great movie for the type of thing I love to watch.

My favorite books are Harry Potter and I do like the movies quite a lot (but the books are still better).

Better as books: Divergent (but ok as a movie), Clan of the Cave Bear, Twilight!! (excluding Jacob) - and I am NOT going to see 50 Shades of Gray... LOL  That needs to stay a book!

Better as a movie: Of Mice and Men with Gary Sinise - anything with Channing Tatum.  LOL

DAWN KNOX, author

Generally, I prefer reading a book rather than seeing the movie based on it. However, although I enjoyed Peter Benchley's book 'Jaws', despite my expectations, I preferred Steven Spielberg's movie of the book. The suspense built, within both book and movie but that memorable music which heralded the appearance of the shark, really added to the drama and tension in the film. Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw were excellent and their characters in the film were more likeable and believable than in the book.

Although I'm not sure if the book would have been such a blockbuster if it had been in the hands of anyone other than Spielberg who seemed to know exactly what to discard, what to change and what to use.

The short answer is anyone of MY books. (ChrisChat...oh agree, all Muse books would be great as movies, but read us first ;)

Seriously, in response to the question, however, I'd say books are always better than the movies because with certain exceptions, movies are limited to a 90 format so a majority of the really good stuff isn't included.  One book that comes to mind that would make a good movie is Susanna's Kearsley's "The Shadowy Horses."  It's a simple plot line, has the excitement of a good archeological dig, strong characters, a nice (non-explicit love relationship), and an appealing spirit.  The story brings an interesting perspective to one of history's ongoing mysteries, what happened to Legio IX HIspana and the action all takes place in Scotland, always a popular venue.  Unfortunately, Hollywood rarely listens to anyone except itself!

Movies that were better than the book, in my opinion.
Two book movies come to mind.
I didn't finish reading either of these books. Out of curiosity, I watched the movie when they were on the television.
Eat, Pray, Love
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Both movies were well done.

Not easy to choose which book should be made into a movie. However, I'll vote for either The Spanish Bride or an Infamous Army by Georgette Heyer. As for which books were better as movies I choose War and Peace which I really, really struggled to read to the end, Thomas Hardy's Mayor of Castorbridge, not an easy read and Dan Brown's The da Vinci Code because it is plot driven and very badly written.

I will never forget going to see The Natural. I suppose you could call it a sleeper, because I don't remember hearing much about it. My husband and I had a sitter for the night and it looked good (he loves baseball) so we decided to take a chance and go see it) We loved it so much we took our kids back to see it the next day. Later I was delighted to find the short story it was based upon and couldn't wait to read it. What a disappointment. In the written version, Roy Hobbs takes the bribe and spends the rest of his life saying I could have been the best. I liked the movie much better.

Dear reader, thank you again for joining us and we’d love to hear from you. Keep smiling and have a fun week. Never stop believing. See you next Sunday…nothing better than being cozy in bed with some Musings.

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anne stenhouse said...

Morning All, Dawn beat me to it with this. I've seen Jaws and read the book. It's a good example of 'horses for courses', isn't it? The film needed to be suitable for a much wider age range than the book which, if memory serves, had some adult scenes. Sometimes a person really gets one aspect of a written work and then makes a beautiful piece out of it. anne stenhouse

Dawn Knox said...

Well, Anne, as they say, 'Great minds think alike'!