Monday, November 17, 2014

Meet Josie P. Cates, P.I.

Brainerd & Fraser: With the holidays coming up soon, we wanted to talk to Josie P. Cates, Private Investigator, about the wild Thanksgiving vacation she took to visit her mother, chronicled in the book Jose Picada, P.I.: The Sound of Sirens. She's a little late getting here, though. In the meantime, please join us as we list some of our favorite celebrity perfumes.

3121 by Prince
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift
Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian

Linda Butterworth: Sorry I'm late. Josie had a bit of car trouble and wanted me to fill in for her.

B&F: Oh, okay. Everyone, we now seem to be joined by Linda Butterworth, Channel Seven weatherperson and, can we say voodoo priestess? Is that giving too much away?

Linda: I don't care what you give away.

B&F: Alright. So, um, we were supposed to be talking about The Sound of Sirens, but I don't think you were in that one, were you?

Linda: No, which makes it the worst book in the series.

B&F: So do you have something else you'd like to talk about?

Linda: Absolutely. I'd like to talk about the upcoming book Act of Abduction.

B&F: But we don't even have a release date for that one yet.

Linda: So? It's through the editing phase, yes? Do you want to wait until after it's out before you start promoting it?

B&F: Well, no. Fine. Let's start over. We'll just modify the intro we already wrote. Let’s see… With the holidays coming up soon, we wanted to talk to Channel Seven weatherperson Linda Butterworth about the wild...Lilac Festival...she went to while visiting her...never mind. Ladies and gentlemen, here's Linda.

Linda: Thank you. It's wonderful to be here.

B&F: So you make your return in Jose Picada, P.I.: Act of Abduction after sitting out one book. What made you decide to return to the series?

Linda: Let’s just say…a situation arose and I chose to take advantage of it.

B&F: Okay. So, um, what’s your favorite scene in the upcoming book?

Linda: The one in which Josie P. Cates is in mortal danger. That always warms my heart.

B&F: But don’t you need Josie’s help in Act of Abduction?

Linda: I don’t recall anything of the sort.

B&F: We do. And we should know. We wrote it.

Linda: I’ve no idea what you mean. Josie Cates is nothing but a talentless, scruffy—

Josie P. Cates: Nice one, Linda. What’d you do, put a hex on my car so it wouldn’t start?

Linda: Josie! However did you get here?

Josie: Bobby gave me a ride.

Linda: Ah, yes. That one is always at your beck and call. Though I truly cannot understand what he sees in you.

*Josie lunges for Linda*

B&F: Uh, we seem to have a bit of a situation here. While we sort these two out, why not take a look at their books? The links and stuff are listed below.

New detective Josie Cates never thought her first real case would lead to the world of black magic. Available on MuseItUp, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Thanksgiving dinner with the family can be murder. Especially when someone is actually trying to kill you. Available on MuseItUp, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


Susan Bernhardt said...

I've taken more than a look at Heather Brainerds and David Fraser's Jose Picada series, I've read both of their exciting and fun mysteries. The Sound of Sirens takes place during Thanksgiving, perfect for now.

Susan Bernhardt

Unknown said...

Thank you, Susan!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on penning the third in the Jose Picada Series! A welcome - I mean unwelcome! - return for Linda Butterworth. And does Prince really have his own perfume? Awesome! That's so going on my Christmas present list. Good luck with your next release!

JoanCurtis said...

This was such fun to read. Heather and David have delightful personalities and wonderful characters. After having read Deception Al Dente, I can relate to Linda--feisty thing that she is.

You guys make a great team!

Unknown said...

Hi Helena! Yes, Prince really does have a perfume. At least, if Dave's research can be trusted...

Unknown said...

Thanks, Joan! Looking forward to your big release next week!

Heath Greenis said...

Love this series. Looking forward to the new release. And the future box set!

HGreenis - The Natasha Saga

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

What a fun interview. Hope everything gets straightened out. I've read the first book, must catch up on the others.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Heather and Beverly, for stopping by and commenting!

Kenneth Hicks and Anne Rothman-Hicks said...

Great stuff, Heather and David. Looks like another winner!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ken and Anne!

J.Q. Rose said...

Yes, you do have a situation there! Delightful interview. Looking forward to #3!